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The Bachelors of Architecture at Purbanchal University is a 5 year course which falls under the faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Transportation Studies. This program aims to prepare the students to become competent professional for work in Nepal and in other foreign countries by making them skillful in practical and project based learning. This program is a blend of science and arts, the theoretical classes cover a number of courses related to Art, Engineering and Applied Sciences. The Department of Architecture provides all the students with complete drawing and design facilities to each student.

The students also have the opportunity to learn and gain both hand drawing studio and CAD keeping them up with the modern technology.

List of Bachelor of Architecture Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Architecture program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Architecture

The main objective of the course is to expose all the students to all the architectural skills and is to expose the students to many different fields of study while demonstrating how they are related. This course mailnly insights to:

  • Provide for the development of individual students interests through a substantial number of free and required electives. This Flexibility allows the students to pursue specific interests with the discipline of architecture, within the associated programs of City Planning, Building Construction or Industrial Design.
  • Designs and gives physical face-lift as well as provides the functional utility, safety and economy.
  • Helps for the Architecture Conservation Commercial Planning and Design. This course also helps all the graduates to develop and make an Energy Efficient Designing. Finally this course helps for the Low Cost appropriate technology with the same quality of work.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Architecture

Any +2 graduates or Intermediate of Science or Diploma with at least 45% in aggregate and 100 marks Mathematics paper are eligible to apply for this course.

Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus

First Semester

  • BEG110AR: Building Material - I
  • BEG111AR: Buliding Construction - I
  • BEG101SH: Mathematics - I
  • BEG150CI: Applied Machanics
  • BEG112AR: An Introduction to Architecture
  • BEG148ME: Workshop - I, Model and Sculpture
  • BEG113AR: Art & Graphics - I
  • BEG114AR: Basic Design - I

Second Semester

  • BEG115AR: Building Material - II
  • BEG116AR: Building Construction - II
  • BEG105SH: Communication English
  • BEG107SH: Mathematics - II
  • BEG160CI: Strength of Materials
  • BEG117AR: Building Science - I
  • BEG151CI: Workshop-II, Carpentry, Mason
  • BEG118AR: Art & Graphics - II
  • BEG119AR: Basic Design - II

Third Semester

  • BEG217AR: Building Science-II
  • BEG264CI: Theory of Structure-I
  • BEG211AR: Building Construction-III
  • BEG212AR: Nepalese Architecture
  • BEG213AR: Arts & Graphics-III
  • BEG214AR: Design Studio-III
  • BEG260CI: Surveying & leveling

Fourth Semester

  • BEG215AR: Building Services-I
  • BEG218AR: Building Construction-IV
  • BEG266CI: Theory of Structure-II
  • BEG208SH: Sociology of Architecture
  • BEG218AR: Eastern Architecture
  • BEG219AR: Design Studio-IV
  • BEG272CO: Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)

Fifth Semester

  • BEG310AR: Building Services-II
  • BEG313AR: Interior Design
  • BEG367CI: Design of Steel, Wood & Masonry Structure
  • BEG312AR: Western Architecture
  • BEG314AR: Design Studio-V
  • BEG311AR: Design Theory -I

Sixth Semester

  • BEG315AR: Working Dwgs. & Detailing
  • BEG369CI: Specifications, Quantity, Surveying & Estimation
  • BEG350CI: RCC Design
  • BEG319AR: Design Studio-VI
  • BEG318AR: Elective I: L. C.
  • BEG318AR: Elective I: Vernacular
  • BEG317AR: Landscape Architecture

Seventh Semester

  • BEG410AR: Building Construction-V
  • BEG411AR: Architectural Conservation
  • BEG412AR: Urban Settelment Planning
  • BEG450MS: Engineering Economics
  • BEG414AR: Design Studio-VII
  • BEG413AR: Modern Architecture

Eighth Semester

  • BEG451CI: Construction Project Management
  • BEG416AR: Professional Practice
  • BEG417AR: Urban Design
  • BEG418AR: Built Environment Research
  • BEG420AR: Design Studio-VIII
  • BEG421AR: Seminar


  • BEG510AR: Professional Tranning Practice (Praticum)


  • BEG511AR: Thesis Project

Scope and Career Prospects

Architecture program has wide scope.Some of them are listed below:

  • The student graduated with this course are capable to work for the construction companies as a designer.
  • Provides an opportunity to work under government sector as a public works department, ministry of defense, housing and urban development and many more.
  • Also the candidates can work independently as well.
  • The candidate can also apt for future studies to add more value.

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