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The bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree is designed to produce academically and professionally competent graduates so that they will contribute to standardize the education level of the country. This degree is of three year period. B.Ed. is an undergraduate course offered by the Purbanchal University (PU) which provides students with well revised syllabus in the field of Education. The B.Ed. program at this university offers both theoretical concepts and practical/ pedagogical knowledge.

List of Bachelor of Education Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Education program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Education

The overall purpose of this program is to prepare graduates for teaching roles in the elementary or secondary schools. At the end of the program, the students will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate intensive and coherent knowledge of assessment, curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Critically analyze educational issues in order to enhance classroom practice.
  • Critically analyze the changing nature of community/ society to update and develop education policies, pedagogy and curriculum.
  • Analyze the significance of fostering student’s thought process, helps to raise their creative skills to prepare them to confront and solve diverse issues and challenges of the present world.
  • Communicate effectively.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Education

In order to be eligible to pursue Bachelor of Education program, candidates must have to pass +2 levels or any other equivalent level from board or university recognized by the Purbanchal University.

Required Documents:

  • Applicant must have to submit verified copy of academic certificates.
  • Applicant must have to submit character certificates issued by the school and college last attended.
  • Applicant must have to submit 2 recent passport size photographs.

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Bachelor of Education Syllabus.

1st Year

  • : Compulsory English
  • : Compulsory Nepali
  • : Foundation Of Education
  • : Major (Any One) English 1. General and English Linguistics-I
  • : Major (Any One) English 2. General and English Linguistics-II
  • : Major (Any One) Health 1. Introduction to Physical Education
  • : Major (Any One) Health 2. Foundation of Health
  • : Major (Any One) Population 1. Population Education
  • : Major (Any One) Population 2. Population Analysis

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Bachelor of Education Syllabus.

2nd Year

  • : Educational Psychology
  • : Curriculum and Evaluation
  • : Major (Any One) English 1.Introduction to Literature
  • : Major (Any One) English 2. Methods of Teaching English
  • : Major (Any One) Health 1. Sports Science and Games
  • : Major (Any One) Health 2. Methods of Teaching Health and Physical Education
  • : Major (Any One) Population 1.Quantitative Techniques
  • : Major (Any One) Population 2. Methods of Teaching Population Education
  • : Allied (Any One) Health 1. Health Science
  • : Allied (Any One) Population 1. Fundamental of Population Education

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Bachelor of Education Syllabus.

3rd Year

  • : Practicum
  • : Major (Any One) English 1.Written Communication Skills in English
  • : Major (Any One) English 2. Fundamentals of Language Testing
  • : Major (Any One) Health 1. School Health Programme Theory and Community Organisation
  • : Major (Any One) Health 2. Administration and Supervision of School Health Programme
  • : Major (Any One) Population 1. Population,Environment and Quality of Life
  • : Major (Any One) Population 2. Population of Nepal and Population Policy
  • : Allied (Any One) Health 1. Introduction to Health Education
  • : Allied (Any One) Health 2. Environmental Health
  • : Allied (Any One) Population 1. Basic Demographic Techniques and Measures
  • : Allied (Any One) Population 2. Population and Quality of Life

Scope and Career Prospects

After the completion of this program, graduates will have opportunities to get job in private and government academic institutes with a beneficial package. However, salary depends on the post of an individual within the institutes. They have the option to establish their own school if they are financially sound and have ability to run a school. The program provides the student with a strong foundation in the areas of Education which enables the graduates to pursue higher studies. Graduates interested in continuing their education have the option to join bachelor of Education (B.Ed.).

Job Prospects:

Teaching lies among the most respected profession as it plays a vital role in shaping one's future. The demand for skilled teachers in private and government schools is never going to lessen, thus initiating a career in this field would be a smart decision for anyone. Graduates with this degree are eligible to work in secondary and higher secondary schools. With this degree, one can work with Education consultancies, Coaching centers, Education Departments as well in School or home and private tuitions.

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