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Bachelor of Engineering in Civil | PU

Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of engineering which is considered as the understanding development for the public use. The program mainly focuses on the development of the infrastructure through world survey, Design, Destination, Construction or Supervision, and maintenance. Bachelor of Engineering in civil is a degree programme designed to build better professional engineers who are capable in planning, designing, and execution construction of infrastructures. Engineering in civil is one of the oldest engineering course/module in Purbanchal university. During this course of study civil engineers are engaged in water resources, construction, environments, geotechnical engineering and transportation. Purbanchal University has introduced this programme with four years of course duration including eight semesters which requires 194 credit hours of study. The university incorporates intensive laboratories assignments and project works to give enough experience and exposure with the state of art facilities and tools. Development of infrastructure plays a first and vital role to bring any positive influences in country. Civil Engineering covers a wide-range of area in specialized field, plays the first step to develop and maintain economical as well as sustainable infrastructures such as, Building, Bridges, Water Supply, Transportation networks(Roads), Hydro power etc. In order to build solid contribution in development positive impacts it imparts the skill and best knowledge for optimum use of resources it requires better guidelines and support for students.

Purbanchal University provides scholarship scheme for different deserving students. University provides career support, financial support and some technical support for enhancing skills and ideas for students throughout the degree program.

List of colleges affiliated to Purbanchal University:

  • Khwopa Engineering College
  • Kantipur City College
  • Acme Engineering College
  • Himalayan Institute of Science & Technology (HIST Engineering College)
  • Hillside College of Engineering