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The four years Bachelor of Engineering in Computer offered by Purbanchal University incorporates the study of Electronics and Computer Science. The program mainly focuses on the application & design of computer software and computer hardware. It provides students with a solid theoretical foundation and practical exposures that help them to solve the real world issues.

The program comprises of eight semesters and 143 credit hours. Mathematics, Computer Concepts, Physics, Electrical Drawing, Workshop Technology, Communicative English, Computer Programming, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Electro-Engineering Material and Digital Electronics are some of the subjects students should study under this program. This curriculum is composed to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills, essential to interact/work with latest technologies.

List of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Engineering in Computer program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer

The educational goal of BE Computer is to produce graduates who are prepared to:

  • Be efficient to work according to the desire of employers
  • Pursue post graduate education if they wish
  • Take leadership roles and also work in a team

Students Outcomes

Students who complete this program are expected to be able to:

  • Use tools, techniques and skill of contemporary engineer practice.
  • Pursue lifelong learning.
  • Adapt to the ever-changing technologies.
  • Perform as a team.
  • Recognize, formulate & resolve technical issues.
  • Integrate engineering ideas to solve the contemporary issues related to hardware and software systems.
  • Exhibit entrepreneurial skills.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicant should have passed Diploma in Engineering or intermediate of science with no less than 45 percent and 100 marks Mathematics paper from the university recognized by Purbanchal University. They have to pass an entrance examination conducted by the university.

Required Documents:

  • Applicant should submit two passport size recent photographs
  • Verified copy of academic certificate
  • Verified copy of character certificate issued by the academic institution attended
  • Complete and signed application form

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Syllabus

First Semester

  • : Communicative English
  • : Computer Programming
  • : Elements andDevices of Computing Technology
  • : Engineering Drawing
  • : Mathematics-I
  • : Physics
  • : Workshop Technology

Second Semester

  • : Applied Mechanics
  • : Chemistry
  • : Digital Logic
  • : Electrical Engineering
  • : Mathematics-II
  • : Object Oriented Programming

Third Semester

  • : Computer organization And Design
  • : Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • : Mathematics-III
  • : Data Structure And Algorithm
  • : Information Sytem Design
  • : Project-I

Fourth Semester

  • : Applied Sociology
  • : Communication System
  • : Discrete Structure
  • : Free And Open Source Programming
  • : Microprocessor
  • : Database Management System

Fifth Semester

  • : Algorithm Analysis & Design
  • : Computer Graphics
  • : Numerical Methods
  • : Operating System
  • : Research Methodology
  • : Project
  • : Probability & Statistics

Sixth Semester

  • : Computer Networks
  • : Engineering Economics
  • : Theory of Computation
  • : Multimedia Technology
  • : Project And Organization Management

Seventh Semester

  • : Enterpreneurship
  • : Artificial Intellegence
  • : Software Engineering
  • : Simulation And Modeling
  • : Project (Mini)
  • : Elective-I

Eighth Semester

  • : Cryptography
  • : Engineering Professional Practice
  • : Advanced Computer Architecture
  • : Data Mining And Data Warehousing
  • : Elective-II
  • : Final Year Project

Scope and Career Prospects

Today, most of the students are interested in earning computer degree as it has a wide range of employment opportunity. Career after BE Computer is both respectful and rewarding. After successful completion of this program, graduates can enroll in various national and international institutions, business companies, software companies, network ISPs etc.  An individual with this degree have the option to work as application developer, project manager, software tester and software engineer.

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