Bachelor in Electronics And Communication Engineering | PU

To create engineers who are capable of designing, analyzing, commissioning and maintaining complex electronics and communications systems, Purbanchal University offer the program of The Bachelor of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

It is the program conducted for four years. This program especially enables students meet the demand in the advancement of Electronics and Communications technology. To get the significant experience with state-of-art facilities and design tools, the laboratory program is provided by the university.

Objectives of Bachelor in Electronics And Communication Engineering

  1. Offer strong foundation on principles of wireless and telecommunication systems.
  2. Inspire students for research in recent technologies for future development.
  3. Expand entrepreneurship skills.
  4. Build up sound presentation and communication skills.
  5. Make able to design, develop and manufacture economic, electronics and communication devices.
  6. Offer in-depth study of electronic devices, machines, circuit design, and control systems

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