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Legisum Laterum Masterom | PU

The Legisum Laterum Masterom degree is ideal for those who already hold a basic law degree and are interested in pursuing higher research and training in the arena of law. It is an advanced, research and thesis-based program. This master level program offered by the Purbanchal University (PU) is a two year program, which is designed to produce academically sound and trained human resources in the area of jurisprudence.

The program covers courses, such as Comparative Study of Legal System, Contract law, Forensic Jurisprudence, Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Thematic Mechanism of Enforcement of Human Rights, Law of Intellectual Property, Criminal Law Cases and Materials, Nepalese Laws on Gender and Accessibility to Justice, Juvenile Justice and Legal Research. The coursework emphasis on one of the multiple fields of specialization, including International Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law and Environment Law.

Objectives of Legisum Laterum Masterom

The major aim of this program is to equip graduates with intensive knowledge of global legal issues and techniques to deal with it, preparing them to function effectively in this challenging field. Some of the specific objectives of this program are listed below:

  • To enable students to identify, evaluate and resolve complex legal issues independently.
  • To enable students to conduct scientific research.
  • To enable students to express their views in legal language.
  • To provide students with legal excellence with global and indigenous understanding.
  • To enable students to compare legal systems.
  • To enhance students legal thinking and arguing skills.

Admission Requirements in Legisum Laterum Masterom

Admission Eligibility

  • Students with a bachelor degree in law are eligible to apply for admission in this program.
  • Applicant should appear in the entrance test conducted by the Purbanchal University.

Required Documents:

While applying for this program, students must have to submit following documents:

  • Attested academic certificates
  • Attested character and provisional certificates
  • Recently taken passport size photos

Career and Scope

This degree holder has multiple career opportunities. They can find employment opportunities in corporative organizations, private firms and government and non-government agencies. This degree holder has the option to work as legal advisor, teacher, advocate and solicitor. Some of the career options for this degree holder include:

  • Legal secretary
  • Barristers' clerk
  • Patent attorney
  • Trademark attorney
  • Legal executive
  • Paralegal
  • Barrister
  • Licensed Conveyancer