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Masters Degree in Sociology / Anthropology was first started by Purbanchal University in 2057 B.S. The Sociology-Anthropology program offers a program leading to two Master's degrees, one in Sociology, and the other in Anthropology.

It is designed to enhance and develop general theoretical knowledge and understandings of students in Sociology and Anthropology. This course also helps to build up researching skills and capabilities of the students in Sociology and Anthropology.

The MA in Sociology/ Anthropology program students will gain knowledge about socio-cultural anthropology, and economic and political sociology. For this purpose, a combination of lecture and multimedia interactive classes will be applied to ensure sound theoretical understanding and use of proper theories and practices to examine existing social and cultural realities in Nepal.

The class will be filled with small number of students to conduct interactive and fruitful classes. Seminars will also be frequently organized where students are required to present papers and discuss topics in order to enhance the ability, to acquire anthropological history and theory knowledge.

List of Master in Sociology / Anthropology Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Master in Sociology / Anthropology program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Master in Sociology / Anthropology

The few objectives of this course is mentioned below:

  • To train students in socio-cultural anthropology and sociology
  • To establish a strong foundation in anthropological and sociological prototype
  • To explore classical theories by performing research and fieldwork
  • To produce professional anthropologists
  • To develop intellectual skill in understanding extant social issues

Admission Requirements in Master in Sociology / Anthropology

Students having successfully completed their Bachelors Degree in any subject are eligible to apply for this program. One and a half hours (100 marks) long entrance examination should be attended by the applicant conducted by PU. Admission will be granted on merit basis.

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Master in Sociology / Anthropology Syllabus.

1st Year

  • Theories in Sociology
  • Theories in Anthropology
  • Theories on Socio-cultural Change and Development
  • Social Research Methods
  • Sociological/Anthropological Perspectives on Social and Cultural Institutions

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Master in Sociology / Anthropology Syllabus.

2nd Year

  • (Sociology Group) Ethnicity, Caste and National Integration
  • (Sociology Group) Sociology of Rural Society
  • (Sociology Group) Thesis
  • (Sociology Group) Population Studies
  • (Sociology Group) Gender Studies
  • (Anthropology Group) Ethnicity, Caste and National Integration
  • (Anthropology Group) Anthropology of Development and Environment Management
  • (Anthropology Group) Thesis
  • (Anthropology Group) Human Evolution and Ethno-archeology
  • (Anthropology Group) Gender Studies

Scope and Career Prospects

The graduate of MA in Anthropology/ Sociology will have various career options. In anthropology field, one can find job opportunity in governmental as well as non-governmental organizations and policy centers. In sociological field, one can find job opportunity in business, government & non-government organizations, law, policy making, education, and research centers. The graduates can also pursue further doctoral level studies in related field.

Knowledge, perspectives and insights of culture, society and history issues of Nepal for the students are offered in this course so, the graduates can act as the social experts, social engineers, policy manufacturers, arrangers and executors of New Nepal.

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