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Earthquake is a natural calamity that can hit any country at any time thus, an array of universities throughout the world are working towards mitigating its hazards and by introducing the academic discipline termed as Master of Engineering In Earthquake, Purbanchal University (PU) has taken a step towards it. The two years long course offered by Purbanchal University addresses the issues in earthquake engineering- soil dynamics and structural dynamics. The program comprises of four semesters and eighty credit units.

Objectives of Master of Engineering in Earthquake

The major goal of Master of Engineering in Earthquake degree  is to produce skilled professionals & academics conversant. Some of the key objectives of this program are listed below:

  • To produce high-level professionals with managerial and technical abilities within the nation in the field of earthquake engineering.
  • To provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the arena of engineering.
  • Provide students with analytical and theoretical knowledge related to earthquake through intensive course works, practical training, and field visit.
  • To enable students to carry out research work efficiently in the field of earthquake hazard, soil dynamics and structural dynamics and risk identification to help the country and community to build earthquake resistant society.

Admission Requirements in Master of Engineering in Earthquake

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible to apply for admission, an applicant shall:

  • Have passed four-year bachelor program in civil engineering from universities recognized by Purbanchal University
  • Take entrance exam and secure no less than 45% in the entrance test administered by PU

Students will get admission on the basis of their academic achievements, entrance test score, and personal interview.

Required Documents:

  • Two recent PP size photos
  • Attested copy of academic certificates
  • Completed and signed application form
  • Attested copy of citizenship certificate
  • Character certificates issued by the last attended institution

Career and Scope

Master of Engineering in Earthquake degree holder has a wide range of career opportunity in Nepal as Nepal is prone to earthquake and is in need of skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the related field. Grads with this degree can find employment options in the Research & Development field. ME Earthquake course graduates have option to work with both private and government companies involved in the construction of ports, roads, railways, buildings bridges and so on. They are also highly sought after in the universities, thus they can work as lecturers, researchers, and professors.

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