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Master of Public Administration (MPA) is an intensive program, which comprises of 3 discrete components: core courses, capstone courses and specialization courses. This program focuses on providing understanding in the interdisciplinary arena of current public affairs.

MPA is professional post-graduate degree offered at Purbanchal University (PU) can be completed in two years. The program consists of sixteen courses, focusing on providing insight into the techniques, theories, concepts and practices of basic along with related arena of affairs management. Students have the option to specialize in any of two subjects out of three and each subject comprises of four courses.

List of Master of Public Administration Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Master of Public Administration program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Master of Public Administration

The major objectives of this course are:-

  • To produce proper and well qualified human resources.
  • This course aims to impart knowledge of contemporary public management.
  • To enhance the capacity of those seeking jobs in the teaching and research institutions.
  • To make the students aware and skilled in dealing with the issues related to diversify of contemporary public affairs.
  • To provide students with conceptual tools to understand and appreciate behavioral aspects of affairs management.
  • This degree enhances the capabilities of the students to undertake research in the field of public management.

Admission Requirements in Master of Public Administration

  • Any students who have successfully completed their Bachelors in any stream from any institute or University, recognized by Purbanchal University are eligible for this course.

First Semester

  • Frontiers of Public Administration
  • Statistics for Public Administration
  • Research Methodology
  • Public Fiscal Administration
  • Administrative Law

Second Semester

  • Personnel Management in the Public Sector
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Development Administration I
  • Public Policy I
  • Computer Basics

Third Semester

  • Development Administration II
  • Public Policy II
  • International Administration
  • Contemporary Public Affairs Management
  • Internship

Fourth Semester

  • Nation-Building & Social Change
  • Administrative System in Nepal
  • Public Enterprises Administration
  • Specialization 1- Development Management Area 1- Community and Rural Development
  • Specialization 1- Development Management - Urban Area Development and Management
  • Specialization 1- Development Management Area 3 - Development Planning
  • Specialization 1- Development Management Area 4 - Project Planning and Implementation
  • Specialization 1- Development Management Area 5 - Thesis
  • Specialization 2 - Personal Management Area 1 - Personal Administration in Nepal
  • Specialization 2 - Personal Management Area 2 - Labour Policy and Administration in Nepal
  • Specialization 2 - Personal Management Area 3 - Human Resource Development
  • Specialization 2 - Personal Management Area 4 - Performance Management
  • Specialization 2 - Personal Management Area 5 - Thesis

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

Scope and Career Prospects

MPA degree opens the doors to an array of public service careers as it prepares graduates to work as managers in the state/provincial, local, national/ federal government and NGO & nonprofit sectors. After completing MPA, one will be showered with opportunities. Below are some options:
  • Social work- Graduates holding MPA degree can enter into social work. It allows them to stay in touch with those who need help.
  • Government Jobs- With this degree, one can easily find works in a government department. At a national level, they can start serving as a policy advisor or a budget analyst and can work as city manager at a state level.
  • Association Jobs- MPA degree holder can serve as an association executive for special interest groups, trades and professions.

Job Prospects:

MPA Graduates have multiple career options. An individual with this degree can find a job at a state, local & federal level. They can work as:

  • City Manager
  • Program Director
  • Program Analyst
  • Director of Development
  • Executive Director
  • Public Administration Consultant
  • Administrative Services Managers
  • Education Administrators

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