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Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Journalism | PU

The Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflicts Journalism teaches you and combined grouping of programs that associate, connect and synergize around core themes and perspectives in conflict investigation and challenges for peacebuilding. There is a common goal of this course. This course helps you to understand and analyze the root causes of conflicts and violence in various local, national, global and societal platforms usually focusing on various dimensions, strategies, sectors, institutions and level of conflict resolution and transformation to build a peaceful country then a peaceful world.

Objectives of Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Journalism

  • This course focuses on the factors underlying conflicts and violence within and between nation and their agencies in the international scenario and develops knowledge and capacities for the peaceful transformation of such conflicts enhancing international relations and cooperation for peace.
  • This course examines the growing occurrence of violent conflicts and timidities in urban areas.
  • This course helps to discover strategies and forms of governance for building more peaceful and sustainable cities.
  • It also helps the students to gain knowledge and skills to manage the composite ways in which media interact with conflict, security and peace.
  • This course also helps to theorize all the substitute origins of transformative education integrated with critical academic approaches.
  • This course provides skills to inspire educators committed to building a peaceful world through all levels/modes of educations.
  • Moreover, Post-Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflicts draws the knowledge, skills, vision and commitment gained from these various programmers to serve effectively and creatively in a wide range all around the world for peacebuilding-related roles in their societies and in the wider national and international community.
  • This course also trains you with a full range of skills which includes both practical and intellectual which will be necessary to work in the near future as Journalists.

Admission Requirements in Post Graduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Journalism

Career and Scope

The graduates of this course will especially have job opportunities in media, NGO’s or nation and international governmental bodies.