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Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School

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Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) is a private School located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur. It was established in 2037 BS by a group of educators who were dedicated to provide access to high-quality education. The school offers courses from Nursery to Grade 12 and is affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB). It runs Plus Two (+2) programs in Science, Management and Humanities streams.

Why Purnachandi Boarding ?

Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) is a coeducational institution and has an outstanding team of qualified teachers that are committed to giving their children an outstanding educational experience. The school also features modern amenities, such as libraries, labs, and well-equipped classrooms. A range of extracurricular activities are also provided at Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School, allowing students to explore their interests and abilities.

A highly regarded institution in Nepal, Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS))0 has produced numerous accomplished graduates who have gone on to significantly contribute to society. The institution is dedicated to giving its students the information and abilities they need to excel in their chosen fields and make a difference.

Scholarships at Purnachandi Boarding

At the time of admissions for new students in all the streams—Science, Management, and Humanities—Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) provides scholarships to needy students based on their skills, talents, and performance in the entrance exam.


The facilities and amenities offered by Purnachandi Boarding Secondary School (PUBOSS) includes:

  • Computer Training
  • Hostel Facilities
  • Well Stocked Library
  • Hospital Facilities
  • Highly experienced teaching faculty and staffs
  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Well-equipped laboratories

The various programs at Purnachandi Boarding are as follows:

+2 Management

+2 Science