Rajarshi Janak Campus

Contact Information

Phone: 01-041-426033 | Email: rjcjanakpur@gmail.com | Website: https://rjc.edu.np/

Rajarshi Janak Campus was incepted in 1999. It is located in Historic City called Janakpur. This College was established with a vision to expand and generate equity to a higher degree, contribute to national Socio-Economic Development, and provide a congenial teaching-learning environment to nurture potentiality and creativity.


The facilities available at Rajarshi Janak Campus are:

  • Science Lab
  • Health Service
  • Computer Lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Teaching aids
  • Excursion tours
  • Games and Sports
  • Industrial visit
  • Counseling service
  • Project Work

Principal Message

Welcome to Rajarshi Janak Campus, an academy that focuses on providing an environment where students are encouraged & supported to pursue their dreams and ambitions. I would like to express my sincere thanks for selecting RJC as a place to mold your career-oriented future.

Rajarshi Janak Campus has introduced innovative pedagogy and curriculum to beat out the most creative and the most talented human resources. We believe in imparting quality education exploring up-to-date horizons, setting milestones and benchmarks with advanced ideas, initiatives & innovative techniques to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world.

Extra Information

It provides B.Ed. for one year with Science and Education, BBS, BA, B.Sc.Microbiology, BBS, MEd., MBS affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

The various programs at RJC are as follows:

Bachelor of Education

Rajarshi Janak Campus provides Bachelor of Education four years program of Tribhuvan University. It is an interdisciplinary field and graduates have knowledge of English, Nepali,Mathematics, Science, Health and physical, Population, Geography and Political Science and can work in any service or civil sector as a teacher of secondary level.

BSc Microbiology

Bachelor of Science in Micro Biology is a four year program of Tribhuvan University which provides study of micro-organisms and their relevance and applications to their surrounding environment with knowledge of different aspects of micro biology with workforce education,industry and research.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is a three years program of Tribhuvan University designed to provide theoritical and conceptual basic knowledge and build up qualified dedicated Human Resources in the field of Humanities and Social Science. Upon Completion the Graduates of B.A. can work as a teacher and a researcher and Manage social responsibilities in public and private sector.

MEd - Master of Education

Masters of Education is a two years program of Tribhuvan University at Rajarshi Janak Campus.It consists of pedagogy that are professional academically with specialized courses that helps to produce high level academic manpower such as teachers, educational planners and administrators, system analyst and experts in the field of education.

Bachelor of Education One Year

The one year B.Ed. programme courses can be divided into three categories, viz. Core Courses which carry 300 full marks, Specialization Courses (English, Math, etc.) which carry 200 full marks, and Teaching Practice which carries 100 full marks

Master of Business Studies

Masters of Business Studies enables the students to work as competant Managers and meet the demand of high level Managers in functional business areas such as Business, Industry, Government and Non Government sectors and also develop research skills in the students. 

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies is a four year degree offered by Tribhuvan University that equips students with conceptual knowledge of business and Administration to develop general Management perspective in them. It also encourage entreprenuerial capabilities to make them effective change agents in Nepalese society.