Recommended Consultancies for Australia

Recommended Consultancies for Australia

If you are looking for the best consultancy for Australia in Nepal, then this might be the right platform to find out about your dream destination.

Australia holds its place among the best countries to live in while comparing it with other nations in terms of wealth, education, health, and life quality index. It ranks as the sixth largest country in the world by land mass. It has a comparatively smaller population with a high literacy rate on the Eastern and Southern coastlines.

Many students choose Australia as their preferred destination for better and warm weather. The Tropical Northern part of the country is typically hot throughout the year while the southern coastal region is cool to some extent but rarely below the temperature of zero.

Australia has a free market economy, and it is the thirteenth wealthiest nation in the global. With more than 7.5 billion people on Earth, it has one of the most diverse groups of societies. In addition, 20 percent of local citizens have cultural roots from different parts of the world.

Reasons Why Students Choose Australia For High Studies

In Australia, a foreign student cannot work unless he or she has started the course at the college or university. Once the course has commenced, pupils are permitted to work legally.

During the active session of a course, pupils are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week (other than work that has been registered as part of the course). But, they can work without any hourly limit in an off session.

The salary will depend on the age and experience of the students earning from a minimum of $15 per hour for a novice to an average of $30 per hour for skilled and experienced workers. The wage system is based on individual soft skills, communication, and the residential city.

Every year more than 20 thousand students go to Aussie for studying purposes. In the fiscal year of 2016/2017, a recorded number of 20,463 Nepalese pupils were enrolled in Australian educational institutions via applying from a Nepalese consultancy.

In recent years, Australia has become the top destination for Nepali students seeking foreign education. The academic institutions in Aussie are of world-class standard, and providing facilities such as part-time and post-graduation work with a comparably safe environment, the country is on the top priority list of many pupils.

The first step students take in the pursuit of the Aussie Dream starts with choosing the right educational consultancy with better association with universities or colleges. Most of them dream of studying at an international standard academy whose degree is highly appreciated globally.

However, finding the right college or university to further one’s career can be a hassle. Many pupils are not familiar with the colleges in Australia and its offered courses.

The process of getting admission into a university from home, and learning about the value of the degree of the chosen university is complex. Also, finding the right course, and searching for suitable accommodation at the desired price can be stressful as well for many students.

This is when a consultancy is needed. We are here to provide you with the list of best-recommended consultancies for Australia. An educational institute has various team members who are ready to guide students to find the right college at the desired price and guide them to succeed in their goals.

There are thousands of youth migrating to Australia every year from Nepal in the pursuit of achieving higher education. Nonetheless, earning a high income or let's say altogether establishing a dream career for themselves is essential for many youngsters.

A student needs to choose the right educational consultancy. With many counselors that scam people and merge the money of the student for the personal use of the agent, it might be difficult to find the right education institute.

Fortunately, we bring to you the list of recommended consultancies that are legal as well as have a high success rate of managing abroad study. When choosing a good consultancy for studying in Australia, one must be aware of the fact of how a consulting firm works.

A consultancy usually assists students in selecting universities. But apart from lending a hand in the selection of college, a good consulting firm also assists in arranging traveling needs, managing accommodation abroad, giving detailed information about the preferred destination as well as preparing for visa interview.

Most of the recommended consultancies for studying in Australia provide free visa interview preparation classes for their clients so that the clients are well prepared and the consultancy helps to overcome the fear of the unknown.

The top best and recommended consultancies for Australia in Kathmandu, Nepal are:

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