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The United States of America has an unrivalled global reach and holds the world’s foremost economic power. America’s GDP accounts for close to a quarter of the world’s total GDP. USA’s military budget equals to almost the rest of the world’s military budget combined together.

Major source of entertainment in the world comes from the USA including ‘Hollywood movies’, ‘Jazz, Blues, Rock and Rap music’ which has become a global and trending culture among the youths. The power house USA is in top destination list of many travelers, migrants and students for achieving the ‘American Dream’.   

Reason Why Students Chose USA

USA holds the world's largest population of international students, with more than a million students choosing to pursue their education every year in the USA. Most of the students chose the state of California for studying, followed by New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio.

More than half of the total number of international students in USA are from China, India and Saudi Arabia so when going to USA one can expect to meet people from these nationalities. According to the US Embassy which is situated in Kathmandu, a total number of 9,622 Nepali students were enrolled in USA in the academic year 2016.

Many people travel to the USA hoping to achieve the American dream where there is equality to every person, liberty, and freedom of speech where any individuals can express themselves freely. Travel to the USA in is not as easy as one would think, there are lots of criteria needed to be fulfilled.

Fortunately, we bring you the list of best legal consultancies in Nepal who are ready to help students to pursue their study in USA. A consultancy can guide the students and give the proper information needed for applying in USA.

Students can select the college themselves, but in order to find the best colleges and universities a consultancy always come handy. A good consultancy can support the students morally as well as help to make the necessary arrangements.

With many consultancies in Nepal there are various options for students but not every consultancy can give the satisfactory result needed. Moreover, students also might not be sure whether the consultancy is being legally operated or not.

It can be hard to decide which consultancy might be good for you, so for fulfilling of the need of students wishing to further their study in USA we have described some of the best and recommended consultancies for USA.

To find a good consultancy, first one must know how a consultancy works, a consultancy mainly operated for abroad study is an educational institution which helps students to find a good college or university for furthering their study.

Apart from this feature, a good consultancy also helps to select a good location for students, make any travel arrangements if necessary along with managing accommodation if required by the students. The student visa processing for USA can be complicated for many students, but with the help from a good consultancy it can be done as easily as turning the pages of a book.

Before the interview students are required to select a college and take a virtual interview with the college’s administration representative, a good consultancy guides the students step by step during the process. A nervous student can also perform well if they are guided from a good consultancy.

In the present context of Nepal, not every consultancy can give the expected result but with the help of some of the best consultancies for USA, a student can be sure that they are getting all the necessary help on fulfilling the criteria required as well as be sure that you are learning something new from the consultancy.

With easing the tension of the students, all other hassles such as getting nervous before the interview, lack of information and lack of documents can be avoided with the help from a good consultancy.

The recommended consultancies for USA in our list are dedicated for the service of the students, and also help the students to make future plan after study which is very necessary criteria for getting the US student visa.

The consultancy can also aid the students for selecting the right course so that the students know why they prefer to study the selected course in USA and why not in other countries.

A good consultancy always come in handy, and in most of the cases it can also help the student to find a cheap college or university, or find scholarship programs as well as get discount on the basis of grade achieved in previous course and grade achieved in quality aptitude test such as IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

With the help of Colleges Nepal, students can find the consultancy for USA in Nepal and increase their chances of being selected for furthering their study in USA. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

The Best and Recommended Consultancies for USA are:

  • Abroad Study Center
  • Broadlink Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
  • Access Educaton Network
  • Student's Destination Pvt. Ltd.
  • e-planet (Education Planet)
  • Global Choice Education Consultant
  • Kathmandu Infosys Educational Consultancy
  • Mayor Education Consultancy
  • NIST International Education
  • Camford Education Hub
  • Awarded International Educaiton Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pragya Educational Services (P.) Ltd.
  • Global Reach

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