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Why not study in Canada?

      Located in the northern part of North America, Canada provides world’s best educational environment for students. It is a good decision to study in Canada as it is regarded as one among 20 of the safest place to live around the globe. Canada has also been able to habitat a wide range of multicultural people from all around the world. Lately, most of the international immigrants of Canada are Asian and European.

     Canada provides worldwide recognized qualification certificates. In recent years Canada has now been one of the popular destinations for students planning on studying internationally for its excellence in good quality education and affordable education expenses. It can be a very wise choice to study in Canada.


Nepal and Canada share diplomatic relation since 1965. To enhance the relationship and uplift the friendly interactions between both countries embassy of Nepal is also established in Canada since 2009. Canada has assisted Nepal in educational sector by providing an opportunity to study in their country for Nepalese students to acquire higher education in different courses. Canada also helps by providing scholarships for international students.

Reasons to Study in Canada

  •         Worldwide recognized education certificates

Canada provides university degree programs, college degree programs, diploma courses, postgraduate courses and many more in different courses as per of one’s interest. The certificate is widely recognized and is equivalent to any other from the United States. A student need not think twice while making a decision to study in Canada.


  •          Affordable living expenses

      Students can work part-time for about 20 hours per week and study in Canada at the same time and during the holidays they can also opt for full-time jobs. To work after their course completion applying for post-graduation work permit will allow them to work in Canada legally.

       Even though the fee structures vary from courses and institutions you apply for, it is within the affordable range from the right consultancy for Canada. You can work while continuing your study in Canada and pay for your living expenses.


  •          Lifestyle

              The lifestyle of Canadian is not so different than any other western European counties but the weather can vary a bit then that of Nepal. The most spoken language of Canada is French and then English so knowing English will make it easier for the international students to interact while continuing their study in Canada. This means that the student can apply to an institution that provides education in English or in French. However, most of the Nepalese students looking to study in Canada go for English medium institutions. Canada is a secular country so it is easier to practice one’s religion without disturbing the other. Being the home for people from many different communities of the world there is an understanding and cooperation between the people living in Canada which makes it easier for international students to adapt to their society and pursue their studies in Canada.


  •          Scholarship program

Many institutions provide scholarships for international students interested to study in Canada in various courses.


  •          Best opportunities

Students are recommended to study in Canada as Canada is one of the best countries in the world that provides lots of scope in careers. With emerging and fast development, Canada has acted like a blank canvas to the students where they can portrait their talents and secure their dreams. So with academic excellence one can seek for opportunities and most likely do great in life.        

Before deciding to study in Canada, it is important to choose and understand which course you want to apply for and how this course could help you to build your career and establish your dream. So it is necessary for you to look out for the course of your taste and interest and choose right education institutions. Being accessed to the internet you can search for the best courses that suit you and is provided in Canada and also the universities or colleges that provides it. Doing research before taking rash actions to study in Canada will help you understand the course and prepare you for it.

Interested to study in Canda? Know how to apply.

     To apply abroad is a long process. So to help you and assist you during this journey many consultancies have been working in Nepal. Every year many of these consultancies have been successful to send students to Canada with their work guidance.  Consultancies provide you with good suggestions so that you can apply without any difficulty. But recently many consultancies are open to different motives rather than helping the clients so it can be hard to find the best consultancy for Canada. It is very essential to know about the right consultancy for Canada, hopefully, we are here to help you choose right educational consultancy.

To know about good consultancy to study in Canada, we must find out what are the types of information that the consultancy provides. A good consultancy for Canada will provide the students with precise information to aid students to study in Canada. Students may find it difficult just thinking about how to study in Canada, but a good consultancy for Canada can help the students to relieve their anxiety and stress so that the students can find it comfortable to study in Canada.

Some of the best and recommended consultancy for Canada in Nepal are:

·         AECC GLOBAL

·         Nepal international education consultancies

·         Pragya educational services

·         Kathmandu Infosys educational consultancy

·         Bradford education consultancy

·         Dolphin education consultancy center

·         Access education network


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