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Regional college of health science and technology

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Phone: 01-061-4471915 | Website:

Regional College of Health Science and Technology (Re-COHST) was founded in 2065 BS (2008 AD). It is affiliated with CVET. During the expansion process, Pokhara Bigyan Tatha Prabidhi Campus (PBPC) was founded. It is associated with Tribhuvan University. They have a mission of producing highly qualified and specialized manpower in the field of science and technology for the development of the country.


Regional college provide various facilities :
  • Classes are conducted through interactive teaching and learning methods.
  • For additional knowledge and research, field visits and educational tours are also done.
  • There is a scholarship for deserving students as per academic rules.
  • Computer lab with full internet access.
  • Good and hygienic foods are available in the cafeteria.
  • Sports and extracurricular activities are conducted for refreshment.
  • Transportation facility is also available.


The various programs at Regional College of Health Science and Technology are as follows:

BTech Food Technology

MSc Microbiology

MA in English

Boost up your education and performance level by the selection of MA English that reflects the creativity and skills of the students. If you want to get master's degree in this course, join Regional College of health science and technology and go through the given link.