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Rehdon College was founded in the year 2000 with the notion of honing each individual's edges in order to mold them into an integral element of a societal framework. Rehdon College stated, and I quote, "Tomorrow's society will be guided by the kind of education we provide to students today" which Rehdon College has done from its start by maintaining the quality of that quotation in its educational facility.

College is located in Kathmandu's Samakhusi district. It has a plethora of academic programs geared for babies to teens. Rehdon Montessori pre-school, developed specifically for children aged 2.5 to 5 years, Rehdon secondary school, instilled to operate courses from PG to 10, Rehdon +2 (NEB), and Rehdon College, which is the pinnacle for students wishing to study BBS.  BBS programs (T.U affiliated) are also a possibility for +2 graduates who want to enter the financial business later in life.

Furthermore, Rehdon Montessori is a classroom you desire for your children. It is loaded with instructional plastic toys for youngsters, making the didactic atmosphere of the classroom enjoyable and educational. And School began with 80 pupils and 15 staff members.


Some of the major Salient features catered by Rehdon College & School are:

  • Individual Students Care Program,
  • Teacher & Parents Meeting,
  • Students Counseling,
  • Rehdon Awards,
  • Supportive Environment,
  • Extra-Curricular Activities—Music, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Entertainment, Scouts training, Primary Health Care, and First Aid Services.


Rehdon College & School's major mission is to provide an educational atmosphere that is both creative and experiential. Its vision in allocating such a profound atmosphere where generations of graduates are trained to confront the problems of the century and flourish in a variety of Global areas is inspiring. On the other hand, it is a noble endeavor in which they are dedicated to bring about change in the quality of Nepalese people by bringing about change in the quality of education. 

Rehdon Secondary Level +2 contributes to SEE graduates' intellectual interests. The two-year course is the difficult doorway through which everyone emerges from the tunnel of adolescence. It is usually when the sharpest knives are pulled from the drawers. As a result, it is in your best interests to select the institution with which your intellectual intuitions can identify. This academy, having the most extensive topics and the most skilled instructor can grant you fortune or a route to success in your chosen career. Why So? Because the curriculum is frequently updated to suit the needs of quickly changing educational standards and to give scholars with a superior education. 

Extra Information

In short, Rehdon College has embraced the slogan "Quality Education for Quality of Life" from its start in the year 2000 and has successfully strived to be the foundation for future physicians, engineers, agriculturists, forest authorities, and scientists. It enrolls students in any faculty, whether Science, Management, or Humanities, at an affordable price.

The various programs at REHDON are as follows:

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management