BCA 2nd Semester Result- Batch 2021

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Science published the BCA 2nd semester result of batch 2021 for both regular and partial examinees on 12th Poush, 2080. The department conducted the examination in Chaitra 2079 to Baisakh 2080.

Those who cannot pass the BCA 2nd Sem examination have to submit an exam form with the regular fee by Poush 18 and a double fee by Poush 20.

View BCA 2nd Sem Exam Routine 2023

Students of batch 2021 can view their BCA 2nd sem result from the PDF provided on this page or they can do so by visiting an official website of TU FoHSS. 

Website- www.tufohss.edu.np 

Key Information about TU BIT 4th Sem Result

  • The symbol number present in the PDF is only for those students who were able to pass the BCA 2nd sem examination.
  • TU FoHSS published the result as precisely as possible. However, if there are any mistakes, the department will correct them as per their policies.
  • Students who want to apply for re-totaling have to do so within Poush 20, 2080.