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Resunga Campus is located in Tamghas, Gulmi. Resunga Campus is a community educational institution offering graduate and undergraduate-level programs affiliated with TU. Under the graduate program, it runs a Master in Education General Degree, while under the undergraduate program, It offers BA, BBS, and B.Ed. and also runs higher secondary programs or +2 programs in management, humanities, and education.

Students from the Gulmi district study at Resunga Multiple Campus, and neighboring districts like Arghakachi, Puythan, and Parbat enroll in this academy with a dream to pursue higher levels. Before the establishment of the Resunga Campus, aspiring students had to go to Kathmandu or other developed cities in Nepal. Students with less income were deprived of higher-level studies as they could not afford to leave their homes. After the establishment, it eliminated the requirement to travel to Kathmandu for higher-level studies. The fees are very moderate compared to other academies in other parts of the country. Frequently organizes social programs like Mahayagya to collect funds for new programs, college welfare, and development.


Resunga Multiple Campus provides all kinds of facilities including a library, comfortable classes, and other resources for its students.

Extra Information

Tamghas Bazaar is the main area of Resunga Municipality, which is the headquarters of Gulmi district. The Tamghas Bazaar area is also popularly known as Gulmi Tamghas. Among other places in the district, Tamghas is ahead in terms of development in terms of basic human needs like education and hospitals. There are popular temples in the area where many people from the district and all over Nepal come to worship. There are more than a dozen institutions, including primary and secondary schools, in the district established in this place, Tamghas.

The various programs at Resunga Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Enhance your flexibility by Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) and show your creativity in various areas or departments of business. The course offers an opportunity to have an understanding of accounting, finance, banking, marketing and much more required for a business persona. Resunga Campus might be the right choice to start your professional journey. 

Bachelor of Arts

Searching for a course through which you can portray your creativity widely with variations, then Bachelor of Arts is that course you can fulfill your wish through. Apply at Resunga Campus for joining this program and know more about the college and concerned details as well. 

Bachelor of Education

Move your first step to contributing in the education field and lead others to explore their skills impactfully. Achieving Bachelor's degree in Education will help you enhance your knowledge as well along with others. So, study Bachelor of Education at Resunga Campus.

MEd - Master of Education

Education is that field through which you can develop self-knowledge and have continuous growth with endless learnings. So, if you want to develop your knowledge and make your mind active, then study Master of Education which will provide you to learn intensely. Gather all the concerned details about Resunga Campus for joining.

Bachelor of Hotel Management