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Sagarmatha Multiple College

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Sagarmatha Multiple College (SMC) was established in 2000 A.D. and is affiliated with the Higher Secondary Education Board and Purbanchal University. It was founded by some of Nepal’s best-known educationists, academicians, and scholars. The team here is led by professionally trained and experienced teachers and staff who are confident that their invaluable support will continue in the future. SMC has a vision for the betterment of the entire country, not only for those who are affiliated with the college but also for the new generation of the country who will shoulder the process of nation-building and social change through innovative and creative education. Sagarmatha Multiple is dedicated to the production of social scientists, media workers, and other professionals that are required for its vision to come true. It believes that education is the primary factor in progressive change.

Sagarmatha Multiple College is guided by the philosophy of optimizing the potential of Nepal’s energetic youth and meeting the requirements of the country for overall change. Moreover, it has adopted a universal view of imparting high-quality academics and all-round education to meet the emerging challenges of the contemporary world and times. The students are known to not only enjoy the serene and tranquil atmosphere, but are also known to be involved in the huge range of academic and other extracurricular activities in their hearts and minds. Truly, the single most important goal of Sagarmatha Multiple is to produce human resources of the highest quality that can manage the country’s resources with efficiency and hand them over to the next generation so that the country and people evolve with it.

Sagarmatha Multiple not only offers NEB +2 courses but Bachelors and Masters level courses as well. Programs that fall under the bachelor's degree category are BA. BBS, BBA, BSW, and programs that fall under the masters degree category are MA.


Sagarmatha Multiple College has many extracurricular activities that it conducts regularly, such as seminars, workshops, and industry visits, with the mission of giving hands-on experience to all the enthusiastic students of business management, social sciences, and research that are necessary in the complex and competitive world of the 21st century. It has spacious and brightly lit class rooms and multiple teachers that are available throughout the college hours to help any student with questions or confusion.

Sagarmatha Multiple College has a large compound where various sports, functions, and other activities can take place. There is a canteen that serves healthy food at a very affordable cost. Even though it is located in the busy city center, in contrast, it has a very pleasant environment that gives the student the peacefulness necessary for studying, learning, and growing. There is also a library with the latest books, resources, journals, and past papers, and the students are encouraged to browse to their hearts content. For all these reasons, pursuing your higher education at Sagarmatha Multiple will be fully worth your while.

The various programs at SM College are as follows:

Master of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration

Are you a business-oriented person and interested in building a successful career in business? Then, study Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and strive to achieve the advanced skills and training required to qualify in this field. Learn more about BBA and why to join Sagarmatha Multiple College.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (BA) provided by Sagarmatha Multiple College aims to build critical thinking skills in a wide range of subject matters. Likewise, it familiarizes you to a several aspects of life. So, if you are interested in this field, go through the given link and learn more about the course as well as the college.

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management