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Sainik Awasiya MahaVidyalaya

Contact Information

Phone: 01-061-577746 | Email: | Website:

Located in Pokhara, Nepal, Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya (SAMV) is a military school. According to the Nepali Army Welfare Fund, the school was started in 2061 B.S. (2004 AD). Students from all throughout Nepal are welcome to attend SAMV, which offers free education and boarding. In order to prepare students for college and beyond, the school offers a challenging academic curriculum. Discipline, leadership, and teamwork are taught to students as part of the school's military training program. Additionally, students are taught about Nepal's history and culture. Although SAMV is a difficult school, it is also a rewarding one. SAMV graduates are well-equipped for higher education, the military, and the workforce.

In addition to secondary level education from Grades 6 through 10, Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya (SAMV) offers Plus Two (+2) programs in the fields of science and management.

Principal Message

"Together We Can"

We have the highest standards for our students at Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya Pokhara as a team, both inside and beyond the classroom. Our amazing combination of people and environment will lead our pupils to perfection.

As principal, I make use of all the resources at my disposal to inspire the community, students, and staff to collaborate for the benefit of student progress.

Together, we work to create a better learning environment where all students feel secure, accepted, and inspired to advance their academic performance.

It goes without saying that cooperative competition in the classroom will aid each student in reaching their objectives.

Thank You!

Rajendra Kumar Lakhe


Why Sainik Awasiya MahaVidyalaya ?

Here are a few advantages of going to SAMV:

  • Education and boarding are free.
  • Strict academic requirements.
  • Various after-school activities.
  • Military education program.
  • Teaching about Nepal's history and culture.

SAMV is a fantastic choice if you want to attend a hard and fulfilling school.


The following amenities are available to students at Sainik Awasiya MahaVidyalaya (SAMV):

  • Higly qualified and experienced faculty members,
  • Well Stocked Library,
  • Transporatation Facilities,
  • Science and Computer Lab,
  • Dining Hall,
  • Playground,
  • Health Center,
  • Hostel Facilities.

Additional Information

Admission at Sainik Awasiya MahaVidyalaya (SAMV):

For comprehensive information on the admissions process, students interested in pursuing their higher education at Sainik Awasiya MahaVidyalaya (SAMV) can visit

The various programs at Sainik Awasiya MahaVidyalaya are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

BSc Microbiology

+2 Management

+2 Humanities

+2 Science