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The Institute of Crisis Management Studies, Samarpan Academy (ICMS) is a recently established educational center that offers academic programs encompassing the management of crisis that reflects on the day to day human life. ICMS falls under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University and provides a peculiar scholarly pursuit that transcends what the layman’s think of education. Acutely, ICMS offers to help the students whose interest rumbles under the aspect of crisis management which may occur due to the catastrophic circumstances.

Located at Dhumbarahi Marg, Kathmandu—The Institute of Crisis Management Studies, Samarpan Academy holds a true significance in providing the supreme practitioner, scholars and experts engaged in the myriads of fields relevant to crisis management with one of a kind, multidisciplinary Master of Art in crisis management.

Also, a brand new MCP in counselling psychology course is proposed by ICMS that incorporates social, vocational, emotional, developmental, educational, and organizational tone in the context of crisis.

Missions, Visions and Objectives

The journey that ICMS has ventured into intersects the path filled with challenges. Nevertheless, it has been etched into their mind to become the top-notch educational provider that can ensure academic brilliance.

Similarly, the vision that propels ICMS forward is the same one that drives many educational institutions towards the brink of success. That is to say, ICMS envisions providing the platform for scholarly pursuit in a touch simulating program that acts as a foothold for those with the fresh and vital field of academic discourse.


Facilities offered by The Institute of Crisis Management Studies, Samarpan Academy are discussed as follows:

Being regarded as one of the ace academic institutions, The Institute of Crisis Management Studies, Samarpan Academy provides a deep knowledge on crisis management—ICMS vehemently offers the flabbergasting training programs, field visits, simulation exercise that is installed into the curriculum so that the students can enhance their practical aptitude alongside theoretical understanding. 

ICMS holds computer labs filled with high-performance computers, photocopiers, scanners, audio-visual aids and a high speed internet access available to all. The volume of books accessible in the library are abundant. Likewise, a huge chunk of space is separated for the auditorium that is quintessential for seminars, workshop training, simulation exercise, role-plays etc. 

Ergo, the virtual classroom where they can have the opportunity of listening to and raising questions to the personified experts virtually over a period of time is also at a college's disposal. 

The various programs at ICMS are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Ongoing Admission
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