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Sangla BalKumari Secondary School

Contact Information

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Sangla BalKumari Secondary School (SBSS) is a government institution established in the year 2008 BS (1951 AD). It has been running primary level classes since its initiation and later, it was upgraded to lower secondary and secondary level classed up to Grade XII. The education provided in the School are according to the government rules and regulations.

Sangla BalKumari Secondary School (SBSS) offers Plus Two (+2) programs in Management and Education streams in affiliation with National Examinations Board (NEB).

Principal Message

Namaste everybody,

It’s really a matter of great pleasure to heartily welcome and thank you for getting enrolled with SBSS to expand your knowledge and skills.

Established in 2008 B. S. (1951 A.D.), SBSS has witnessed a plethora of ebbs and flows while running classes of primary level in the inception and later lower secondary and secondary level classes from Nursery to Grade XII.

Shree Sangla BalKumari Secondary School (SBSS)

Scholarships at Sangla BalKumari

There are various Scholarship schemes in Sangla BalKumari Secondary School (SBSS) provided by the government of Nepal. The Scholarship programs are available for Girls, Dalit’s, and Genius students. In order to be eligible for the Scholarship, Candidates must complete at least one academic session with the School. The criteria for Scholarship are elaborated below.

  • Need to be a full-time Student
  • Need to apply for financial aid on time
  • Need to meet the Satisfactory academic standards
  • Need to have the same amount of financial need as in the previous years


Facilities provided by Sangla BalKumari Secondary School (SBSS) are:

  • Library
  • Sports Activities
  • Quiet and Pollution Free location
  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Affordable fee structure

The various programs at Sangla BalKumari are as follows:

+2 Education

+2 Management