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Sankhuwasabha Multiple Campus

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Sankhuwasabha Multiple Campus  is  a community campus under Tribhuvan University. The college is situated in Chainpur,Sankhuwasabha. The college offers Bachelor in Education(B.Ed), Bachelor in Arts (BA) and BBS(Bachelor in Business Studies) program.Based on the website,the college has approximately 156 students studying.There are 16 students in B.A. ,78 students in B.Ed and 62 students in BBS.

The college is affiliated to National Examination Board(NEB) and offers  Management,Humanities and Education program.

The various programs at Sankhuwasabha Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is a course offered by Tribhuvan University to enhance the student's practical and theoretical understanding and methodological skills based on their specified subjects.

After the completion of this course, the students can obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge as well as skills which will meet the recognized standard.Through which the students can accomplish their career in the specified profession such as teaching,journalism,consultancy,social work activist and in other organizations such as NGO (Non-Governmental organization), INGO and Governmental Organization Services.The course also acts as a foundation for the students to achieve higher studies.

Bachelor of Education

The course B.Ed. is a four year course  which is affiliated to Tribhuvan University.The students studying the B.Ed. program should choose subject area as apecilization major and the other is specialization in  minor area by choosing  among  Nepali Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education (physical science), Health and Physical Education, Population Education, History Education, Geography Education, Economics Education, and Political Science Education.

The students who studies in this field are led to the teaching career to become competent teachers who can teach two subjects at secondary level.

Bachelor of Business Studies

The BBS programme of Tribhuvan University is to help the students become competent managers in any sector of organization.

After studying, the  students can gain an opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge.After the graduation, the student will be equipped to function as a manager in business firm and govermental organization.There will be various career options in business including entrepreneurship .