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Established in the year 2024 B.S. by the name of National Vocational Training Center (NVTC), Sanothimi Campus is located at Madhyapur Thimi Municipality in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. By obtaining an affiliation with Tribhuvan University (TU) in 2029 B.S., in the name of Sanothimi Campus, the campus has been offering various courses for specialization in bachelors level such as the study of Mathematics, English, Science, Population , HPE, Nepali, Home science, Industrial, Political science, Economics, Geography, Primary education, Early childhood development, Informal educational Administration & Supervision, Nepali education and ICT. At Masters level, the courses for specialization include ICT Ed., EPM, Curriculum, Health and Mathematics.

After the application of NESP- 2008, Sanothimi Campus acquired an affiliation with TU, and laid foundation for generating trained teachers for vocational studies according to the newly popularized curriculum (2028) in the school level. However, by 2038, less and less priority was given to vocational lesson, and as a result the number of students in vocational lessons was reduced and thus Sanothimi Campus began to conduct general education program in Bachelors and Masters level.

In present context, Sanothimi Campus has been running ICT Ed at Bachelors level since 2065, and has also started M.Ed. semester system in Nepali, Health, and Curriculum and Evaluation education in Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Sanothimi Campus has separate departments for each of the courses such as the department of ICT Edu, department of Science Edu, department of English Edu, department of Mathematics Edu, department of Nepali Edu, and so on each directed by the head of department.

Why Sanothimi Campus ?

Sanothimi Campus is dedicated towards assisting the students to meet their goals by preparing them to cope up with every challenge they face in their educational journey. In addition, the campus claims to be well responsive to global changes, and is well known to be an ever-growing unit of teachers and students attempting for innovative and cutting-edge methods of educating contemporary students to prepare them for their lives well beyond the conventional classroom learning approach.

A testimonial from one of the students studying at Sanothimi Campus mentions that the college has introduced a very much demanding and career oriented degree (MEd ICT) with a unique composite of both Education and Information Technology assisting him to require an artistic knowledge of Information technology along with the concept of IT philosophy.


Since 2070, Sanothimi Campus has begun MEd in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) where the enrollment of students has been growing up every academic year. Using computer technologies, and information system have been the integral components in performing daily college activities. The campus owns a well-equipped computer lab with 75 computers along with 2 mbps internet bandwidth facilities. In order to lessen the digital gap that exists in current scenarios of Nepal, this program should be an important means.

The various programs at Sanothimi Campus are as follows:

MEd - Master of Education

Are you eager to do Master of Education then Sanothimi Campus provides you with an opportunity to study in a good environment, practical learning, career opportunities and many other facilities? To know more about this college then, browse the link.

MEd Curriculum and Evaluation

Sanothimi Campus welcomes you to study in M.ED in Curriculum and Evaluation if you are in search of college to join for the ultimate course. This course is designed to provide the theories, principles and practices and help to gains practical knowledge. Browse for further details.

MEd Health Education

If you are looking for the opportunities to join M.Ed in Health Education and contribute to the health sector. Then, join Sanothimi Campus which provides professional training and sustainable environment for study. Browse for more details why you should join this college.

Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology

To cope with the changeable time and circumstances Tribhuvan UniVersIty has launched technical academic programs B.ED in Information Communication Technology. Then, join Sanothimi Campus to get a degree in B.ED. Browse for further for more details.

Bachelor of Education- Three Years


Bachelor of Education

MSc Hydrology and Meteorology

MEd Economics Education

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