Saptagandaki Multiple Campus

Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • B.Sc.
  • Master of Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Education
  • M.Ed. - Master of Education
  • MA Rural Development

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Saptagandaki Multiple Campus was established 25 years ago at the heart of the Chitwan. Their slogan was to spread all the knowledge all over the country no matter what their economic background was. It provides various academic programmes .It is in affiliation to Tribhuvan University and is a public campus as well.

Saptagandaki Multiple Campus has faced a lot of difficulties in its making. Because of continuous hard work and attempt for battle by many educationists, intellectuals and social workers only it is able to maintain current position and respect. Also, the dedicated teaching faculties and administrative staff are worth for equal credit as well. In the initial phase, Saptagandaki Multiple Campus has just a couple of students and classroom which was rented. But now it has reached such a height that it has grown into an immense institution satisfying educational needs of thousands of students coming from all over Nepal. They are totally committed and is heading in the same direction following their goals.

Saptagandaki Multiple Campus welcomes students from all over the country who wants to study and practice to fulfill their dreams. It is highly fitted out with strong base along with qualified teaching faculties and administrative faculty’s members.

Saptagandaki Multiple Campus

Academic Programs at Saptagandaki Campus

Bachelor of Business Studies

BBS is a four-year academic course which provides advance knowledge in the field of business, marketing, finance, accounting and many other. To know more about this course at Saptagandaki Multiple Campus browse for further details.

Bachelor of Arts

Are you thinking to pursue your career in Arts? Then explore your skills in this field by studying at Saptagandaki Multiple Campus which provides you advance knowledge and appropriate environment for studying this course.


Looking forward to contributing your knowledge in the field of B.Sc? Join Saptagandaki Multiple Campus to know what this college provides for its student.

Master of Business Studies

Bachelor of Education

Are you interested in joining Bachelor of Education at Saptagandaki Multiple Campus? Read more to know what career opportunity this college provides to its student. Also, you can directly get the feedback why to study this course at this college.

M.Ed. - Master of Education

M.Ed is a respected postgraduate qualification, enabling you to specialise academically in the education, teaching and many other fields. Apply M.Ed at Saptagandki Multiple Campus for further details. 

MA Rural Development

The MA Rural Development is a program aims at serving highly qualified education regarding development. So, if you are eager to explore this field and what to know more details what are its scope and the benefit of studying this program. To learn more about this field then be a part of Saptagandaki Multiple Campus.

Infrastructure & Facilities


Large space with bright light and well- ventilated class is available at Saptagandaki Multiple Campus for the comfort of the students. Along with it latest technology and course books are equipped for reliable study.

Science Laboratories:

Separate labs are allocated for Physics, Chemistry, Biology an Environmental Science along with modern apparatus and tools. Large space and adequate tables are available so that many experiments can be conducted at the same time.


Saptagandaki Multiple Campus has large varieties of course books, reference books, encyclopedias and sufficient number of other necessary books. Also, newspapers, magazines and journals are available. There are two section-Reference section and Issue section. Books issued must be returned within 15 days and students cannot issue two books at a time in Issue section. On the other hand, the Reference Section can be used for consulting non-issue study materials. Timing for library is from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm during working days. A separate e-library and computer laboratory are equipped with latest e-resources is opening up on the third floor and is coming into operation soon.

Sports and Extra Curriculum Activities:

For various occasions and for physical and mental development of students ,Saptagandaki Multiple Campus has been organizing extracurricular activities. There is volleyball court, basketball court and indoor table tennis court available in the campus premises.

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