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Sarlahi campus is one of the popular campuses in Malangwa. Malangwa is also the Headquarter of Sarlahi district which lies in Janakpur zone of Nepal. Maithali, Nepli, Marwari, Hindi and Newari are some of the language spoken in Sarlahi. According to the census of 2011 only 25,102 people resides in that area so the students enrolled in this campus can read and learn in peaceful environment. Malangwa also shares its border with Sonsbara, India.

This Campus provides Bachelor in Educaion and Bachelor in Business Studies program under bachelor's degree.


As Sarlahi Campus provides several facilities like laboratories, transportation, libraries etc to students many young learners from the zone are getting attracted and are willing to get enrolled in this campus. Teaching facilities of Sarlahi Campus are well qualified and highly experienced. Teaching methodologies are also student centered as all the students are not equally made and they differ in intelligence. Sarlahi campus seems to encourage students to participate in different Extra Curricular Activities as many students of this college have already shown their presence in National Inter College Debate Competition.

The various programs at Sarlahi Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Build a promising career in the sector of the business field by studying Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS). Join Sarlahi Campus for this program and develop analytical and communication skills that help in organizational management. For more details about the joining procedures and course related matters, browse the given link.

Bachelor of Education

Are you interested in involving in Education field? Then, study Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) that prepares you to adopt in the new challenging and dynamic education system. View the details on the link and know why to join Sarlahi Campus for this course.

MEd - Master of Education

Master of Education is designed to sharpen and heighten the educational skills to specialize academically. So. if you want to improvise education techniques, join this course at Sarlahi Campus and know the benefits of studying here.

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