School of Mathematical Sciences Tribhuvan University

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School of Mathematical Science, Tribhuvan University is a public institution that provides a platform for learners to combine development of knowledge and practical skills to solve real world problems encountering in various disciplines. It offers programs namely Bachelor of Mathematical Science (Actuarial Science) and  Master in Data Science.

Why SMS TU ?

School of Mathematical Science, Tribhuvan University provides academic programs based on grading systems of evaluations. The evaluation is 40 percent internal and 60 percent external. The courses are delievered to its natures with theory, practical, seminar, internship, thesis and project works.


  • Functional classrooms
  • Internet
  • Full time and visiting staffs
  • Jounrals and publication materials
  • Library
  • Canteen

Additional Information

Chairman, Prof Doctor Binil Aryal Dean IOST, Tribhuvan University

Director Prof Dr. Prakhash Muni Bajracharya

The various programs at SMS TU are as follows:

MSc in Mathematics

Bachelor in Mathematical Science

Ongoing Admission
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