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Shankarapur Academy

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The Shankarapur Academy is located in Jorpati,Kathmandu  towards Nepal Orthopedic Hospital.The academy was establiched in 2064 B.S. which is inteding to deliver quality education at low-cost for bonafied student as well as provides financial aid to those students who cannot afford their tution fee.The students come from inside as well as outside the valley.The college also has scholarship scheme of providing Full and Semi scholarship.

The academy provides student with qualified teachers who support them.The staffs are friendly with the guardians.The academy provides the facility of well furnished libraries and well equipped laboratories for gaining knowledge practically.If there is requirment, of  field visit or research the college provides it to its students.

The college provides 3 categories of PCL level education in health paramedic's field since 2064.

  •  PCL General Medicine
  •  Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology
  •  PCL Nursing

The courses include Health Assistant,Nursing and Lab Technician which is affiliated to CTEVT(The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training ).The academy has graduated 3 batches of Health Assistant  and PCL level Lab Technician and 2 batches of Staff Nurse.As a result, the graduates has shown their capacity in different parts of the country.

Why Shankarapur Academy ?

Shankarapur Academy is  situated approximately situated around 500-700m east of Shankarapur Hospital towards Nepal Orthopedic Hospital.This academy was established in 2064 B.S. by trying  to provide the quality health education in low-cost for the brilliant students  inside as well as oustside the valley.The college provides the bright student with Full and Semi scholarship facility and it also provides financial aid to the students with low income.

The college is aware of providing the students with quality education  with the helpful and experienced teachers.The staffs are friendly with the guardians.The institute has well managed libraries,well equipped laboratories for gaining knowledge practically.The College provides the facility for students  to gain knowledge from the field works and extra curriculum.

The various programs at Shankarapur Academy are as follows:

TSLC Level in Medical Laboratory Technology

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology:

This course focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention with the utilization of pathological tests. The lab technician plays a crucial role in gathering information to provide the patient with best care as a vital member of the health care team. The module is affiliated to CTEVT(The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training ).The course creates and encourages the development of skilled health professionals in clinical laboratory  science for the diagnosis of diseases. The method of diagnosis decides the life of an individual who may be the earning member of the family or the only child in the family. The student enrolling in this program will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge of different clinical laboratory techniques.

CMLT course is based on the academic requirements to enter into bachelor level health sciences as well as able to provide diagnostic laboratory services as a middle level human health resource. After completion of the course the graduate is expected to perform laboratory procedures as per assigned by Nepal Health Professional council independently at different level health institutions in Nepal and abroad.

CMLT program is three academic years' duration. The first year course focuses on basic science and foundation subjects, the second year course focuses on basic laboratory subject theory/practical simultaneously and the third year is given to the application of learned skills and knowledge within the comprehensive practical settings, in hospitals and medical laboratory.