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Shreenagar Integrated College (SICOL), is arranged at Buddha Bihar, Holandi, Tansen, has made as a savvy center intrigue. Shreenagar Integrated College has been running despite two in the streams, for example, Association and Science and BBA (Single man of Business Affiliation) program.

The Shreenagar Science Optional College was set up in 2055B.S. with the assistance of instructive individuals with a period of cleaned aptitude. From its foundation it has been coordinating the discretionary instution (despite two) programs with Science and Association stream which is joined together to National Examination Board. The Shreenagar Integrated College has offered itself to the general populace more than 25 years with its momentous examiners at the acedemic level. The SICOL has found the well-known possible results of the general populace as it has solid instructive foundation with the target that it can accomplish the pushed packs to get in its present structure.

The Shreenagar Integrated College(SICOL) has extended the higher optional getting ready in 2061BS. It has roughly 200 understudies considering in assistant school (despite two). With a practically identical association, Shreenagar School was developed in 2062 BS. for arranging the BBA program. It has been coordinating the BBA course, collaborated to Purbanchal School. It provides well-furnished laboratories for the students studying in science stream.

Shreenagar Integrated College passes on the understudy satisfying condition to refresh and lift the instructing and learning condition. The instuytion in like way has a library that keeps up the books used by the understudies on their need.

Why Shreenagar Integrated College ?

The Shreenagar Integrated College (SICOL), is stationed at Buddha Bihar, Holandi, Tansen, has developed as an academic center. It has been running +2 in the streams such as Management and Science and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program.

The Shreenagar Science Secondary School was founded in 2055B.S. with the help of academic members with an era of professionalism. From its establishment it has been organizing +2 programs with Science and Management stream affiliated to National Examination Board. It has committed itself to the society over 25 years with its outstanding scholars at the academic level. The SICOL has discovered the renowned potentialities of the society as it has strong academic background so that it can attain the advanced studies to get in itscurrent structure.

The SICOL has extended the higher secondary education in 2061BS. It has approximately two hundred students studying +2.

With the same management, Shreenagar Integrated College was founded in 2062 BS. for directing the BBA program. It has been administering the BBA course affiliated to Purbanchal University.

It delivers the student friendly environment to enhance and boost the teaching and learning environment. It also has a library that maintains the books utilized by the students on their need.

It also provides the well-equipped computer lab under the inspection of highly qualified tutors. The students in science faculty are supplied with furnished laboratories for achieving practical knowledge.

The various programs at Shreenagar Integrated College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is designed by the Purbanchal University for the development of socially responsive, skilled, smart and result oriented management professionals. For the fulfillment of the middle level managerial sector of the business in both National and International Organization.

The BBA course runs for four-year with eight semesters which concludes to 129 credit hour academic course. The Purbanchal University authorizes the student in understanding and enhancing the solitary leadership of an enterprise. In Nepal thirty-one Business college offers the BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) in affiliation to Purbanchal University.

The main principle of this program is based on the graduates who will spend a vital part of their life in changing the environment. Thus, the student should be given an opportunity to develop their knowledge in such a way that it upgrades the competitiveness, proficiency, moral fiber and passion for professionalism in their career path.

To conclude, the Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) program targets to enhance the student’s intellectual ability, administrative personality and managerial efficiency with an appropriate blend of business and general education.

There are many career prospects in BBA program but some of the common career options are listed as follows:

  • Middle/Front Line Manager
  • International Manager
  • Corporate Manager
  • Interpersonal Manager
  • Physical Managers
  • Entrepreneur / Self Employed

+2 Management

The Management Stream includes the studies related to the marketing, business as well as economy of the country in both national and international standards. After being graduates in the Management stream the student can have various options in choosing career prospects such as BIM (Bachelor in Management), BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management), BTTM (Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) along with various other studies.

+2 Science

The students who want to study science stream must have good grade in physical science and life science along with mathematics. The science stream has three main subjects, one additional paper and one language paper. The modules included in science stream are as follows:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Biotechnology

After graduating high school with the science stream, the student must have biology as its main subject for studying in medical field. For studying engineering the modules such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics should be their main subjects. The students in science stream can also apply for some commerce stream programs.

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