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Siddhanath Science Campus was established in 2033 B.S. It is a community based campus as it is managed by community. Siddhanath Science Campus is located in Mahendra Nagar, Kanchanpur and is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Kanchanpur also adjoins with Banbasa, India. This college is one of the popular choices among parents and students. Siddhanath Science Campus was established with an aim of providing quality education to the young learners of Nepal by the team of experienced academicians. Most of the students in the college are from Kanchanpur and other neighboring districts. Tuition fee of this college is cheap so that all the education become affordable to all the students especially those who are from marginalized community. Teaching faculties of Siddhanath Science Campus are well qualified and are always willing to help students who are facing problems. Teaching methodologies of this college is modern and student centered as all the students are uniquely talented. Siddhanath Science Campus also organizes different Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) so that it helps students in their all round development. At present this college operates B.Sc.CSIT program.

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Academic Programes at Siddhanath Science Campus


Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc.CSIT) is a program operated by Siddhanath Science Campus with the affiliation of Tribhuvan Uiversity. Minimum time requirement for the completion of this program is 4 years. Siddhanath Science Campus is one of the 54 colleges running this program. This course helps student develop essentials skills that are required for computer professionals.

Mission of this course

  • To provide necessary knowledge to students in computer software system
  • To equip students with practical skills required for IT professionals.
  • To provide in depth knowledge and experience with computer system.
  • Developing creative and problem skills in students.
  • After completion of this course graduates can works as:
  • Computer programmer
  • Database administrator
  • Software developers
  • Web designers
  • Web administrator
  • Computer system analysts


  • Candidates applying for this program must have completed ten plus two in science or equivalent from the institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Student must also pass entrance test taken by TU to get admission at Siddhanath Science Campus in this level.

The various programs at Siddhanath Science Campus are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

If you are interested and want to be highly qualified in computer software, application, and information technology, then B.Sc CSIT in Siddhanath Science Campus will be the right option for you. Click the link to gather more information.

BSc Microbiology

MSc in Mathematics

Master of Science(M.Sc) in Mathematics offered by Siddhanath Science Campus aims to enhance the knowledge in Mathematics related academic subjects that develop students knowledge to be highly qualified and become a professional in that sector. For more information, Browse the link.

MSc Physics

Are you willing to study Physics? Then, Studying M.Sc. Physics will provide you an opportunity to explore yourself in multiple areas of physics and enhance your knowledge. Read more to join this course at Siddhanath Science Campus and the applying procedures.

BSc General

Siddhanath Science Campus offers you the course of Bachelor of Science. This program prepares you to build a promising career by opening the door to enter in multiple courses like engineering, doctor, nursing, dentistry, and much more. So, know about this program in details by clicking the given link.

Bachelor of Information Technology

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