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Sindhuli Multiple Campus

Contact Information

Phone: 01-047-520066 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Established in 2041 BS, Sindhuli Multiple Campus is located at 2041 B.S. It was established by a team of educational enthusiasts with the aim of providing quality education to the students. Sindhuli Multiple Campus has already gained popularity as a pioneering institute. It provides all the facilities, like a library, a computer lab, transportation, and many more. Here, the computer lab is connected to high-speed internet. Sindhuli Multiple Campus aims to develop essential problem-solving skills so that they can identify and solve problems in any organization or sector. Students of this college are also encouraged to participate in different extracurricular activities. ECA helps in all-round development. At present, Sindhuli Multiple Campus runs ten plus two programs affiliated with the HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board) in management, arts, education, and law, along with BBA and BICTE programs. Sindhuli Multiple Campus has been QAA-certified by university grant commissions.

Principal Message

Education is the backbone of the country. It brings human potential to the fore, and to realize this, our campus has been on mission ever since its establishment for quality education. We have provided all the requirements to get QAA validation in the coming period. I welcome you to this sacred shrine, where you will learn to achieve wisdom and combat problems in life. May your dreams come true after you become a Sindhuli Multiple Campus member.

Campus Chief

Why SC ?

Here are reasons to choose Sindhuli Multiple Campus for academic studies:
  • running high quality teaching programs
  • good learning environment and better facilities
  • preparation of infrastructures for new programs
  • Soon launching staff nurse program
  • Better facilities and experienced well qualified faculty
  • innovative practices and result oriented education
  • QAA certified
  • produced academic toppers in BBA program (3.87 GPA)

Scholarships at SC

Sindhuli Multiple Campus provides quotas for scholarship to disabled, marginalized, meritorious and orphanaged students based on academic performance, conduct, behavior which will be assessed by the College. Apart from this criteria scholarship will be provided to 1 student for 1 subject only for other students.


The facilities offered at Sindhuli Multiple Campus are:

  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Scholarship
  • Library
  • Science lab
  • Internet and wi fi connection
  • Computer lab
  • Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditorium
  • Sports and Curricular works

The various programs at SC are as follows:

Master of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies

Do you aspire to build a strong foundation in several areas of business? Studying Bachelor of Business Studies will help you to grab an opportunity related to business. So, study this course at Sindhuli Multiple Campus.

Bachelor of Arts

Widen your knowledge regarding Bachelor of Arts offered at Sindhuli Multiple Campus. So, if you want to sharpen and upgrade your knowledge in this field then, be a part of this college. 

MA - Master of Arts

Are you interested in stepping ahead in Master of Arts and want to build a strong foundation in this field? Make a contribution to the specific subject as you want.

Bachelor of Education

Considering to graduate in Bachelor of Education? Join Sindhuli Multiple Campus and gain both theoretical and practical knowledge related to teaching. Then,  this college is open for your entrance with better facilities of academic and much more.

MEd - Master of Education

Master of Education is an advanced course based on the teaching that aims at preparing the highly qualified teacher. If your area of interest is teaching, apply at Sindhuli Multiple Campus.