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The Shree Krishna Snatak campus is located in Darchula. It's one of the most popular colleges in this area. Darchula is also the district's headquarters. It shares a border with an Indian town named Dharchula. According to the 2011 census, only 133,274 people reside in this area. Some of the popular languages spoken in this area are Dotiyali, Kumaunu, Rung/Shauka, and Nepali. Darchula is characterized by high rainfall and humidity. Snatak Campus always aims to nourish hidden talents and skills. It encourages people to take part in different ECA activities, as it helps them move academically as well as physically. Students can be involved in different clubs provided by the institution. This club helps them have a better understanding of each other and helps them develop skills. Snatak campus has very professional and highly educated teaching faculties. It also offers different hostel facilities for boys and girls near the college. Students living in the hostel are given special care, and their security is the sole responsibility of the administration. At present, Snatak campus is operating a BEd (Bachelor in Education) program with the affiliation of TU (Tribhuvan University).


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Bachelor of Education

Are you planning to engage in Bachelor of Education at Snatak Campus? Then know more on details about admission info, courses, eligibility criteria and many other facilities. Browse the link.