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Sunway International Business School

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Sunway International Business School was formed in the year 2010 and it’s located at Devkota Sadak Kathmandu. The institute provides you business and IT education for Bachelors and Masters Level. This institute helps students to become a tough personality for various positions from Local to Multinational Companies, for having a degree is not enough to secure future career. Institute motivates younger personalities to see themselves as a Job provider rather than Job seeker. Sunway International Business School is officially attached to Infrastructure University, Malaysia.

The courses offered in Sunway International Business School are Bachelors of Computer Science (HONS) and MBA.   


The Bachelor of Computer Science is a 3-years Academic Course. Admissions are opened in March, July and September.

This course organizes candidates with a wide and fundamental understanding of computer science, programming and software engineering. After the completion of 3 years program students will be able to be technically competent in the analysis, development and implementation of computer systems. The courses are conducted in a small-class environment through lectures, labs, tutorials and individual consultations. Sunway International Business School highlights student’s learning by case-study analysis and problem-solving approaches. They also offers non-credit courses, such as, Java Certification Training, Mobile App Development, CCNA Certification training and Web Application training.

For admission students are required to have +2 certificates or equivalent


This course could be undoubtedly key to success for your business career. MBA in Sunway International Business School is a 2-years academic course. Admissions are opened in March, July and September. For admission students are required to have a bachelor’s degree in relevant field with 45% or above marks. The course constitutes 4 semesters, which focuses on Project Management, Marketing, Finance and Banking, Accounting and Human Resource Management. Sunway International Business School believe that the corporate world provoke many unforeseen enigmatic scenarios, as we all know that they are undeniably challenging, but once it has been mastered, great success follow.

The various programs at Sunway Business School are as follows:

Master of Business Administration