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BDEVS Syllabus ( Bachelor of Development Studies)

Bachelor in Development studies is an undergraduate program that provides knowledge of sustainable development and practices to produce sustainable development practitioners, entrepreneurs and researchers.

b-devs Syllabus - KU

Kathmandu University, Bachelor in Development studies is a 130 credit hours of studies. It is more recognized internationally and focuses on practical approach such as implementations of practices sustainable developments.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Introduction to Microeconomics 3 hrs ECON102
1 English I 3 hrs ENGL161
1 Introduction to Ecology and Environment 3 hrs ENVT101
1 Linear Algebra 3 hrs MATH121
1 Nepali I (Grammar and Writing) 3 hrs NEPL105
1 Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology 3 hrs SOCL105
2 Concepts and Theories of Development 3 hrs DEVS101
2 Macroeconomics 3 hrs ECON205
2 English II 3 hrs ENGL162
2 Calculus and Application 3 hrs MATH 122
2 Nepali II (Literature and Research) 3 hrs NEPL106
2 Introductory Statistics 3 hrs STAT105
3 Community Development 3 hrs DEVS205
3 Monetary Economics 3 hrs ECON303
3 Community Based Natural Resource Management 3 hrs ENVT203
3 Human Behavior and Organizations 3 hrs PSYC205
3 Nepalese Culture and Society 3 hrs SOCL204
3 Statistics II 3 hrs STAT205
4 Nepalís Political and Constitutional Development 3 hrs DEVS204
4 Development Communication 3 hrs DEVS207
4 Agriculture and Development 3 hrs DEVS303
4 Public Finance and Budgeting 3 hrs ECON301
4 Education for Sustainable Development 3 hrs ENVT202
4 Gender, Caste, Ethnicity and Social Inclusion 3 hrs SOCL206
5 Conflict Resolution 3 hrs DEVS302
5 Project Management 3 hrs DEVS402
5 Microfinance and Enterprise 3 hrs ECON307
5 Environment Policy and Law 3 hrs ENVT301
5 Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing 3 hrs ENVT402
5 Governance and Development 3 hrs SOCL304
6 Research Methodology 3 hrs DEVS305
6 Urban Planning and Development 3 hrs DEVS401
6 Project Evaluation 3 hrs DEVS407
6 Development Economics 3 hrs ECON401
6 Environment Assessment 3 hrs ENVT401
6 Tourism and Development 3 hrs SOCL301
7 Proposal/Report Writing, and Presentation N/A DEVS403
7 Poverty & Food Security 3 hrs ECON407
7 Public Health 3 hrs PHLT 401
7 Internship 3 hrs DEVS 411
8 Project Work 3 hrs DEVS405
8 Internship 3 hrs DEVS 411
1 Innovation in Development 1 hrs DEVS 121
b-devs Syllabus - PU (Pokhara)

Pokhara University at Kaski, Pokhara also offers Bachelor of Arts in Development studies which covers Principle subjects and looks to analyze different aspects of sustainable developments which are sustainable. Total course is 129 credit hours of study which are grouped into thematic areas 63 credits, Auxiliary area 36 credits , Methods area 12 credits, Practical Area 6 credits and optional Practical/thematic areas 12 credits.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Introduction to development studies N/A N/A
1 English I N/A N/A
1 Nepali N/A N/A
1 Introduction to Population studies N/A N/A
1 Applied Mathematics N/A N/A
2 Sociology and Social Anthropology N/A N/A
2 English -II N/A N/A
2 Introduction to Gender studies N/A N/A
2 Micro Economics N/A N/A
2 Population problem of Nepal N/A N/A
2 Basic Statistic N/A N/A
3 Macro Economics N/A N/A
3 Decentralization and Governance system N/A N/A
3 Human Rights and Social Justice N/A N/A
3 Fundamental of Human Geography N/A N/A
3 Migration and Urbanization N/A N/A
3 Gender Analysis and Development N/A N/A
4 Environment and Development N/A N/A
4 Basic Research Methods in Dev. Studies N/A N/A
4 Demographic Techniques N/A N/A
4 Introduction to Social Psychology N/A N/A
4 Conflicts Transformation for Development N/A N/A
5 Development Economics N/A N/A
5 Introduction to Human Ecology and Mt. Environment N/A N/A
5 Project work I N/A N/A
5 Applied statistics N/A N/A
5 Introduction to Social Work N/A N/A
5 Tourism and Development N/A N/A
6 Optional I N/A N/A
6 Development Financing N/A N/A
6 Project Cycle Management N/A N/A
6 IT for Social Sciences N/A N/A
6 Poverty and Human Development N/A N/A
7 Optional II N/A N/A
7 Optional III N/A N/A
7 Sustainable Development N/A N/A
7 Natural Resource Management N/A N/A
7 Development Policies and Programs in Nepal N/A N/A
8 Optional IV N/A N/A
8 Project work II N/A N/A
8 Development Field Camping and Presentation N/A N/A
8 Natural Process and Human Response N/A N/A
8 State of Development in Third World N/A N/A
7 Optional Areas N/A N/A
8 Optional Areas N/A N/A