BE Aeronautical Syllabus

Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering is a four years eight semesters program of Tribhuvan University. It was launched in 2075/76 B.S. Course of studies covers Core Courses, Electives, Project Work. This course provides the needs of Aerospace designer checker, Aircraft production Managers, Mechanical Design Engineers, Assistant Technical Officers, Thermal design Engineers and perform a research about financial and sustainable analysis and contribute in certain specific areas of defense and aerospace.

be-aeronautical Syllabus - TU

BE Aeronautical Engineering is a four years program. It has eight semesters. There are three electives and two project works. It extensively covers aircraft mechanics, aero dyanmics, airspace syllabus,air traffic Management and aircraft structure in a roundabout.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Engineering Mathematics I N/A SH 401
1 Engineering Physics N/A SH 452
1 Basic Electrical Engineering N/A EE 451
1 Applied Mechanics N/A CE 451
1 Engineering Drawing I N/A ME 401
1 Workshop Technology N/A ME 403
2 Engineering Mathematics II N/A SH 451
2 Engineering Drawing II N/A ME 451
2 Basic Electronics Engineering N/A EX 451
2 Computer Programming N/A CT 401
2 Engineering Chemistry N/A SH 403
2 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer N/A ME 402
3 Engineering Mathematics III N/A SH 501
3 Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering N/A AE
3 Engineering Mechanics N/A ME 502
3 Fluid Mechanics N/A ME 554
3 Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer N/A AE
3 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing N/A AE
4 Probability and Statistics N/A SH 552
4 Control System N/A EE 602
4 Aerospace Materials N/A AE
4 Aerodynamics N/A AE
4 Strength of Materials N/A ME 552
4 Theory of Mechanism and Machine I N/A ME 653
5 Numerical Methods N/A SH 603
5 Aircraft Manufacturing Process N/A AE
5 Theory of Vibration N/A AE
5 Continuum Mechanics N/A AE
5 Aircraft Propulsion N/A AE
5 Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis N/A AE
6 Avionics N/A AE
6 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering N/A AE
6 Finite Element Method N/A ME 751
6 Aircraft Environment Control System N/A AE
6 Flight Dynamics N/A AE
6 Unmanned Air Vehicle Synthesis N/A AE
7 Aircraft Preliminary Design N/A AE
7 Computational Fluid Dynamics N/A AE
7 Air Traffic Management N/A AE
7 Aircraft Structures N/A AE
7 Embedded Systems in Avionics N/A AE
7 Elective I N/A AE
7 Project I N/A AE
8 Internship N/A AE
8 Aviation Professional Practices N/A AE
8 Elective II N/A AE
8 Elective III N/A AE
8 Project II N/A AE
8 Any One Specialization Area N/A Elective Areas