BPH Syllabus ( Bachelor of Public Health)

Bachelor of Public Health is an undergraduate program that provides the required knowledge to work for protection of the general public health in different public health care organizations. Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University offers BPH program to the students of Nepal.

bph Syllabus - PU (Pokhara)

It is four years eight semesters program at Pokhara University. Besides core subjects, there are laboratory and term papers, specializations in any 2 subjects, and dissertation works.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Introduction to Public Health - I N/A PHS 111
1 Anatomy and Physiology N/A BHS 111
1 Biochemistry N/A BHS 112
1 Microbiology and Immunology N/A BHS 113
1 Professional English N/A PHA 121
1 Anatomy and Physiology Lab N/A PHA 111
1 Biochemistry Lab N/A PHA 112
1 Microbiology and Immunology Lab N/A PHA 113
1 Professional English Practice N/A PHA 114
2 Environmental Science N/A BHS I51
2 First Aid N/A BHS 152
2 Nutritional Science N/A BHS 153
2 Parasitology and Entomology N/A BHS 154
2 Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology N/A BHS 155
2 Environmental Science Lab N/A PHA 151
2 Biochemistry Lab PHA 152 First Aid Lab N/A PHA 112
2 Nutritional Science Lab N/A PHA 153
2 Parasitology and Entomology Lab N/A PHA 154
2 Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology Lab N/A PHA 155
3 Communicable Diseases N/A PHS 211
3 Environmental Health N/A PHS 212
3 Non-Communicable Diseases N/A PHS 213
3 Public Health Nutrition N/A PHS 214
3 Reproductive Health and Demography N/A PHS 215
3 Integrated Concurrent Field Practices I N/A PHA 211
4 Basic Epidemiology N/A PHT 251
4 Introduction to Public Health II N/A PHS 251
4 Maternal, Child and Elderly Health N/A PHS 252
4 Occupational Health and Safety N/A PHS 253
4 Public Health Behavior and Anthropology N/A PHT 252
4 Integrated Concurrent Field Practice II N/A PHA 251
5 Basic Public Health Management N/A PHM 311
5 Epidemiological Methods & Management N/A PHT 311
5 Health Promotion and Education N/A PHI 311
5 Public Health Sociology & Social Psychology N/A PHT 312
5 Public Health Statistics I N/A PHT 313
5 Integrated Concurrent Field Practices III N/A PHA 311
6 Community Health Diagnosis and Program Implementation Strategies N/A PHI 351
6 Health Education Communication N/A PHI 352
6 Health Research Methodology & Software Application N/A PHI 351
6 Health System Management in Nepal-I N/A PHM 351
6 Public Health Statistics-II N/A PHT 352
7 Human Resource for Health Development N/A PHM 411
7 Health Finance & Health Economics Include Entrepreneurship N/A PHM 412
7 Health Monitoring and Evaluation N/A PHM 413
7 Health Monitoring and Evaluation N/A PHM 413
7 Health System Management in Nepal II N/A PHM 414
7 Residential Field Practice (Comprehensive District Health Management) N/A PHA 411
8 Disaster Management N/A PHM 451
8 Public Health Law and Acts N/A PHI 451
8 Journal Club/ Health Seminar N/A PHA 451
8 Public Health Dissertation N/A PHT 451
bph Syllabus - PU

Purbanchal University provides four years curriculum of eight semesters with both theory and practical subjects such as term papers, oral defense.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Anatomy and Physiology 3 hrs BPH 101.1-AP
1 Pathophysiology, First Aid and Safety 3 hrs BPH 101.2-PFAS
1 Biochemistry and Immunology 3 hrs BPH 101.3-BI
1 Microbiology, Parasitology, Bacteriology & Virology 3 hrs BPH 101.4-MPBV
1 Medical Entomology and Rodentology 3 hrs BPH 101.5-MER
1 Professional English 3 hrs BPH 101.6-PE
2 Introduction to Public Health 3 hrs BPH 102.1 IPH
2 Basic Epidimology 3 hrs BPH 102.2-BE
2 Basic Food and Nutrition 3 hrs BPH 102.3-BFN
2 Biostatistics and Computer Application 3 hrs BPH 102.4-BCA
2 Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology 3 hrs BPH 102.5-PPT
3 Environmental Health and Ecosystem 3 hrs BPH 203.1-EHE
3 Family Health, Maternal and Child Health 3 hrs BPH 203.2-FHMCH
3 Population Studies and Family Planning 3 hrs BPH 203.3-PSFP
3 Fundamentals of Health Education 3 hrs Fundamentals of Health Education
3 Primary Health Care and International Health 3 hrs 03.5-PHCIH
3 Community Health Organization and Development 3 hrs BPH 203.6-CHOD
4 Medical Sociology and Anthropology 3 hrs BPH 204.1-MSA
4 Applied Environmental and Occupational Health 3 hrs BPH 204.2-AEOH
4 Applied Epidemiology 3 hrs BPH 204.3-AE
4 Applied Biostatistics 3 hrs BPH: 204.4-AB
4 Applied Public Health Nutrition 3 hrs BPH 204.5-APHN
4 School Health and Oral Health 3 hrs BPH 204.6-SHOH
5 Reproductive Health and Gender 3 hrs BPH 305.1-RHG
5 Clinical Epidemiology 3 hrs BPH 305.2-CE
5 Applied Health Education 3 hrs BPH 305.3-AHE
5 Mental Health and Behavioral Science 3 hrs BPH 305.4-BSMH
5 Community Health Diagnosis 3 hrs BPH 305.5-CHD
6 Health Service Management in Nepal 3 hrs BPH 306.1-HSMN
6 Public Health Administration and Management 3 hrs BPH 306.2-PHAM
6 Biodiversity, Climate Change and Health 3 hrs BPH 306.3-BCCH
6 Training & Curriculum Development 3 hrs BPH 306.4-TCD
6 Health Economics and Health Financing 3 hrs BPH 306.5-HEHF
7 Public Health Research 3 hrs BPH 407.1-PHR
7 Urban Health, Public Health Engineering and Disaster Management 3 hrs BPH 407.2-UHPHEDM
7 Logistic Management and Software Application 3 hrs BPH 407.3-LMSA
7 Public Health Ethics, Social Health and Professionalism 3 hrs BPH 407.4-PHESHP
8 National Health Policy and Plan 3 hrs BPH 408.1-NHPP
8 Human Resource for Health 3 hrs BPH 408.2-HRH
8 Project Management 3 hrs BPH 408.3-PM
bph Syllabus - TU

Tribhuvan University provides four years course on Bachelor of Public health. This course helps to prepare professional public health specialists.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Basic Health Science I N/A N/A
1 Basic Health Science II N/A N/A
1 Biostatistics N/A N/A
1 Environmental Health I N/A N/A
1 Food and Nutrition N/A N/A
1 Population Studies and Informatics N/A N/A
1 Public Health and Primary Health Care N/A N/A
2 Community Health Diagnosis (Residential Field) N/A N/A
2 Environmental Health and Occupational Health II N/A N/A
2 Epidemiology I N/A N/A
2 Family Health I N/A N/A
2 Health Promotion and Education I N/A N/A
2 Medical Sociology and Medical Anthropology N/A N/A
2 Public Health Administration and Management I N/A N/A
3 District Health Field Practice N/A N/A
3 Epidemiology II N/A N/A
3 Family Health II N/A N/A
3 Health Economics and Health Financing N/A N/A
3 Health Promotion and Education II N/A N/A
3 Public Health Administrations and Management II N/A N/A
3 School and Community Health N/A N/A
4 Comprehensive Public Health Practicum N/A N/A
4 Health System Management and International Health N/A N/A
4 Individual Health Research (Field based Practicum) N/A N/A
4 Public Health Research Methodology and Public Health Project Planning and Development N/A N/A