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BSW Syllabus ( Bachelor of Social Work)

Bachelor of Arts in Social work produces skilled human resource for social work by enhancing professional skills among students.
TU syllabus is comprehensive and touches upon compulsory field work, research work, academic writing and report writing. The subjects are interdisciplinary and are at par with those of other Countries. It also stresses on the leadership development and problem acknowledgement and resolving techniques throughout the curriculum.
KU, BSW is a three years academic program. The subjects focus on skills development with communication, research, social welfare and technological knowledge found in the syllabus of BSW.
Purbanchal University BSW is four years in an eight semesters spread. Their curriculum highlights social Principles and issues through Psychology, Communication, Community focus, development perspective, law, research and entrepreneurial focus. It also provides practical exposure with field works.

bsw Syllabus - PU

It is a four years eight semesters program with a total of 120 credit hours of studies. BSW is an undergraduate program that covers the study of Society and their behavior and public welfare at large. Besides theory, there is Social work field practicum, advanced social work research, social entrepreneurship, social work dissertation, urban study lab.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 History and Philosophy of social work N/A HPS 112
1 Sociology for social work N/A SSW 113
1 Social Case Work and Group work-1 N/A SCG 113
1 Human Growth and Behavior N/A HGB 113
1 Academic English N/A ACE 112
1 Social work field practicum and skills lab N/A SWP 112
2 Introduction to Nepali Society N/A INS 123
2 Social Case work and Group work-II N/A SCG 123
2 Psychiatric Social Work N/A PSW 123
2 Academic English N/A ACE 122
2 Neighborhood camp N/A NHC 121
2 Social work field practicum and skill lab N/A SWP 123
3 Community Organisation N/A COM 233
3 Social Policy and welfare Administration N/A SWA 233
0 SOA 233 N/A N/A
3 Social Action N/A SOA 233
3 Child right N/A CHR 232
3 Nepali N/A NEP 233
3 Social work field practicum and skill lab N/A SWP 233
4 Social Work Research N/A SWR 243
4 Rural And Urban Community Development N/A RUD 243
4 Family and Social Work N/A FSW 242
4 Development communication N/A DEC 242
4 Rural Camp N/A RUC 242
4 Social work field practicum and skill lab N/A SWP 243
5 Social Development N/A SOD 352
5 Management of Voluntary Organisation N/A MVO 352
5 Law and Social Work N/A LSW 352
5 Introduction to Gender Studies N/A IGS 352
5 Urban Camp/Study tour N/A UCS 352
5 Social work field practicum and skill lab N/A SWP 353
6 Social work in Industry N/A SWI 362
6 Juvenile Justice N/A JJS 362
6 Research Dissertation & Seminar N/A RDS 366
6 Block Field Work N/A BFW 363
6 Social work field practicum and skill lab N/A SWP 362
bsw Syllabus - TU

It is four years program under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. It has fieldwork where students engage in the social work program with theoretical courses.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 Introduction to Social Work N/A SW421
1 Basic Sociology for Social Work N/A SW422
2 Basic Psychology for Social Work N/A SW424A
2 Social Case Work Practice N/A SW423
2 Social Work Practice with Groups N/A SW424B
3 Social Issues and Leadership Development N/A SW 425
3 Social Issues and Leadership Development N/A SW 410
4 Theoretical Ideologies of Social Work N/A SW 426
4 Social Problem, Identifications and 100 Required Interventions N/A SW 427