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MSc Pharmacy Syllabus ( Master in Pharmacy)

Master of Pharmacy or M.Pharm is a two years, four semesters program of Kathmandu University. It has two distinct areas of specialization industrial pharmacy and Pharmaceutical care. This course helps to prepare Pharmacist with expertise in pharmaceutical and biotechnological Companies.

Pokhara University have also launched M.Pharm in Clinical Pharmacy and in Natural Product Chemistry. It specializes in these two domains.The objective behind their curriculum was to raise the living standard and improve the living and bring permanent peace, prosperity and well being through raising the production and productivity of Pharmaceutical industry.

msc-pharmacy Syllabus - KU

It is two years four semesters academic program run by Kathmandu University. It offers specialization in Industrial Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical care. Master of Pharmacy opens career path in Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, government drug administrations.

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