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MSW Syllabus ( Master in Social Work)

Master in Social Work is a graduate degree in Social work which produces professional social workers essential for different human service bearing organizations. The Master’s program enables to help people obtain tangible services, counseling and psychotherapy to the family, improving social health services etc. Tribhuvan University and Purbanchal University of Nepal provide MSW program. 

msw Syllabus - TU

At, TU Master of Social Work is a 65 credit hour degree program consisting three broad areas of specializations.

Semester Subject Credit Hour Code
1 History and Philosophy of Social Work 3 hrs SW501
1 Social Case Work 3 hrs SW 552
1 Social Group Work 3 hrs SW 553
1 Research Methods in Social Work 3 hrs SW 555
1 Intensive Research Camp (IRC) 3 hrs SW 556
2 Social Work with Community 3 hrs SW 561
2 Social Action and Social Movements 3 hrs SW 562
2 Social Welfare Administration and Management 3 hrs SW 563
2 Socio-cultural Foundations of Human Behavior 3 hrs SW 564
2 Organization Agency Placement (OAP) 3 hrs SW 565
3 Analysis of Social Problems and Policy 3 hrs SW 571
3 Peace Building and Conflict Management 3 hrs SW 572
3 Foundation of Mental Health 3 hrs SW 573-A
3 Social Work Practice with Children Youth and Family 3 hrs SW 573-B
3 Psycho-diagnosis and Assessment 3 hrs SW 574-A
3 Social Policies and Services for Children, Youth and Family 3 hrs SW 574-B
3 Disaster Management 3 hrs SW 575-A
3 Social Legislation, Policy and Human Rights 3 hrs SW 575-B
3 RUC 3 hrs SW 576
4 Nepali Society, Culture and Development 3 hrs SW 581
4 Thesis 3 hrs SW 582
4 Psychosocial Interventions and Referral 3 hrs SW 583-A
4 Social Work with Children and Youth 3 hrs SW 583-B
4 Community Mental Health 3 hrs SW 584-A
4 Social Work with Elderly 3 hrs SW 584-B
4 Policy Legislation, Human Rights and Mental Health 3 hrs SW 585-A
4 Social Work with the Family 3 hrs SW 585-B
1 Foundation of Human Behavior 3 hrs SW 554
msw Syllabus - PU

Purbanchal University provides a Master in Sociology along with thesis work. Their course meets the holistic need and developments of person, group, family, community and the world.

Syllabus not available right now.