Tansen Multiple Campus

Tansen Multiple Campus is located at the headquarter of Palpa district which was established in 2047 B.S for providing quality education in bachelor level. It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) and conducts different program such as B.Ed, BA, BBS and M.Ed. This college provides standard education at a cheaper price with highly skilled professors as well as it provides special facilities to those who are economically poor, who has secured good marks or who are socially backwards. This college is one of the oldest campuses in Palpa District and has been serving best quality education from the highly expert teacher. People around Palpa are provided with qualitative studies because of Tansen Multiple campus.

Tansen Multiple Campus aims to provide proper supervision and knowledge to its students so that they can have a good environment for studying. In the past few years, Palpa has improved a lot in the education sector, and among many colleges, Tansen Multiple Campus is also one of them. Due to educated and experienced teachers, individuals are able to have a quality education. Moreover, this college conducts regular class tests and termination examinations, which help prepare students for any type of assessment.

Why Tansen Campus

Tansen Multiple Campus has always provided quality education in a suitable environment. The college seeks to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to build skills so that individuals become capable enough to work as professionals and contribute to society as well. In order to generate qualified and technical professionals, Tansen Multiple concentrates on academic quality as well as focusing on all-round development through different indoor and outdoor activities and motivating them to achieve their goals.

Extra Information

The various programs at Tansen Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Education

Graduate in Education from Tansen Multiple Campus and become a successful educator by specializing in the interested subject matter. If you are concerned to know more about the course and college in detail, browse the link.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts offered by Tansen Multiple Campus is a program that provides an opportunity to acquire high skills and develop research experience by involving in multiple activities. So, if you want to build your career through this stream, read more for further joining procedures.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Wishing to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to become a fine example in the business sector? Join Tansen Multiple Campus and prepare yourself to reach towards your destination. Know more about the program and other details regarding admission process.

MEd - Master of Education

Wondering how to take your education skills into a high level? Then Master of Education is tailored in order to sharpen and heighten the Bachelor's degree more intensely. Here, you can acquire more information about the course and advantanges of this college.