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Taudaha Rastriya higher secondary school once located at Kirtipur, Municipality Ward no 14 now resides at the south-western area of Kathmandu valley. To put it precisely, It is now situated at Taudaha, Kathmandu, approximately 7.5 km away from Ishwori Highway. It has a strong affiliation with NEB board and offers to provide plus two programs in Science, Management & Humanities faculties. Ever since 2017 B.S, Taudha Rastriya Higher Secondary School has been offering rigorous plus two level academic program and raising awareness about education among the people, especially students of  Kirtipur Municipality Ward No. 13, 14, & 15, Shaibu VDC of Lalitpur VDC and Chalnakhel VDC of Kathmandu District.

Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School has been a huge asset in aiding GoN for attaining their educational goals and objectives of improving the literacy rate by offering academic qualifications at a minimal price.

Brief History of Taudaha Rastriya Higher secondary School:

The history of Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School dates back to as far as 2017 B.S when this institute was established. It is known that the first class of this TRHSS consisted of about 15 to 20 students who gathered at the home of Late Mr. Sane Karki, situated at Karki GAO. There’s also a few grapevines about the date of the 1st class being held on Kartik 20th, 2017 B.S. 

Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School got the permission to legally operate the primary level of academic through the help of a letter (Ref.No. 90/017, and Letter No. 88/017) mailed on 2017/11/19 to His Majesty at that time. The contents of the letter were then inspected and allowed which formally gave birth to this institution to some level. Likewise, there was a next letter addressed to His Majesty which raised the speculation of establishing +2 level education. That too was granted and TRHSS became what we know now—a college that provides academic studies from Nursery to Grade 12.

Mission & Vision of TRHSS:

Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School has realized the fact that literacy is the cornerstone for the development of a nation, protection of cultural heritage and protection of personal interest. Keeping that in mind, the institution envisions that the etiquette of education is something every single individual should have and they have constantly been working towards the achievement of that goal. Moreover, they have been upgrading pedagogy through the help of their motto “Education for all” which clearly reflects on the scholarly works that they have been fortunate to accomplish. 

Because the primary mission of Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School is to offer proactive education to the people who are in need of it and also those who cannot afford the luxury of academic knowledge.

Scholarships at Taudaha Rastriya

Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School is for people suffering from poverty. Therefore, it goes without a question that Scholarships are heavily provided to students who come from a family that is poor and cannot afford any sort of academic education whatsoever.


The core reason that the facilities and resources are available at Taudaha Rastriya Higher Secondary School is mainly because of the Department of Education, GoN and a small sum of money collected from students. However, this may not be a powerhouse while competing in the context of sports, but there sure is an availability of a huge playground where a yard of football pitch and Basketball court has been constructed.

The various programs at Taudaha Rastriya are as follows:

+2 Humanities

+2 Education

+2 Management

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