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Tej Ganga Mahavidhalaya

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Tej Ganga Mahavidhayalaya is located in Panauti, Kavre, and was inaugurated in 2057 B.S. This college runs a +2 program under the HSEB board and a bachelor and master under Tribhuvan University (TU). Tej Ganga Mahavidhayalaya offers different programs such as BA, BBS, M.Ed., and B.Ed.

Tej Ganga Mahavidhayalaya aims to provide quality education from qualified professors. It focuses on making the students capable of excelling in the career path they choose in the future. Moreover, it provides a standard education at an affordable price. To make this a better educational institution, this college has adopted different modern teaching techniques.

The main aim of this institute is to provide a better learning environment for students and guide them onto the right track in terms of career building and growth. Tej Ganga Mahavidhayalaya conducts a different test so that students get prepared for any assessments.

Tej Ganga Mahavidhayalaya set its mission to provide quality education and produce the best results. The college offers ample opportunities to the students so that they can enhance their professional careers.

The various programs at Tej Ganga Mahavidhalaya are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Ambitious towards pursuing a career as a business expert? Join Bachelor of Busines Studies(BBS) at Tej Ganga Mahavidhyalaya that enable you to develop the business as well as management personalities in a more desirable way. Moreover, view the link to know details and welfare of studying in our college.

Bachelor of Education

Determined to study Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)? Tej Ganga Mahavidhyalaya intends to convey students the knowledge of teaching practice that qualifies you as a competent teacher. Read more for the additional details about the course and the requirements.

Bachelor of Arts

Study Bachelor of Arts(BA) at Tej Ganga Mahavidhyalaya and gear yourself with every aspect of life. This course empowers you to discover your talents, interest, and abilities and develop them thoroughly in skills such as critical thinking, communication, reasoning ability and problem-solving. Also, advance relevant workplace in this field.Browse to know the details.

MEd - Master of Education

Masters of Education degree offered at Tej Ganga Mahavidhyalaya is a program that often considers the different majors like curriculum and instruction, counseling, school psychology, and administration.Furthermore, it is usually conferred for educators advancing in their field.Read more to know additional details.

+2 Education

+2 Management

+2 Humanities