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Thakur Ram Multiple Campus

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One of the oldest institution of Nepal, Thakur Ram Multiple Campus stands tall after decades and decades providing consistent education from generation to generation.  Affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU), the college is located in Birgunj, Narayani. Not wrong to say that Thakur Ram Campus is an "educational heritage" of Nepal. This historic college is an epitome of rewarding careers and enriching lives for many personalities of todays Nepal. Thakur Ram Multiple Campus is a temple of Saroswati for many among top level government officers, academicians and politicians in Nepal. Though a constitutent college of TU, till today it is still a pioneer educational institution in the district for student from all economic backgrounds to get quality education in affordable cost. The sustainable, flexible and interdisciplinary institution offers higher level studies in both undergraduate and graduate programs. It is dedicated in catering both technical and practical education so that the students can excel in the field of their choice. The institution has been offering world-class education equipping students with social, spiritual, ethical values in order to produce morally responsible citizens.

Why Thakur Ram Campus ?

Thakur Ram College holds a team of highly educated, experienced and award winning professor as its faculty member in various departments. The first and foremost motto of this institution is to deliver qualitative education in an amiable ambience. Since it aspire to produce socially responsible citizen, it highly emphasize on discipline and personality development of an individual a well. 


Walking through the wide corridors of the huge old building gives the glimpse of walking in a big old palace or monument. Walking through the beautiful gardens of Thakur Ram College in summer is what quenches the thirst in the hot summer. The library of Thakur Ram decades ago was considered as second largest library in Nepal after TU Central Library. Therefore, one may assume that there are still considerable number of books for students to look after as reference books. Well-furnished spacious and comfortable classroom, better studies in moderate fees  and the award-winning teaching faculty are assets of this institution.

The various programs at Thakur Ram Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

The Bachelor of Business Studies is a four year program designed to produce competent managers for any organization. This course opens door for a number of career opportunities. Students seeking to pursue BBS should have completed +2 or intermediate level in business/commerce.

Bachelor of Education

The Bachelor of Education is a four years program designed to produce skilled and competent teachers for secondary level schools who are able to adapt to the changing education environment. This program is an interdisciplinary of social science, humanities, technical, Mathematical and Language courses and the knowledge of this program is useful for teaching in secondary school students.

Bachelor of Education One Year

A 12-months degree program in education, One Year Bachelor of Education can be ideal for teacher as well for those who are looking forward to make a career in teaching field. Students with bachelor degree in any discipline except Sanskrit are eligible to apply for this program.

MA in Population Studies

Master of Arts in Population Studies degree was introduced in 2007. The two year program is divided into two parts: part 1 and part 2. The program covers ten courses. Gender, Human Development, Poverty are some of the newly introduced subjects. Students with bachelor degree are eligible to apply for this program.

MA Political Science

The two year program, Master of Arts in Political Science is introduced for those looking forward to make a career in professional political science.

BSc General

Bachelor of Science is four years program running at Thakur Ram Multiple Campus and this program covers all applied and pure Science areas knowledge. It has theoritical and practical subjects, project work, field work, mathematical courses, interdisciplinary courses as designed by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology taught at Thakur Ram Multiple College.