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Thapathali Campus

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Phone: 01-4246465 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Thapathali Campus is established for technology education. It was established in 1930 AD. This campus provides technology education. It provides both undergraduate and graduate education to the students. It is run by Tribhuwan University. The mission of Thapathali Campu is to generate a large amount of quality manpower. It is located at Thapathali in Kathmandu.

Since 1930 AD, Thapathali Campus has been the first institution in Nepal that provides engineering degrees and technology training. The objective of this college is to produce different levels of manpower in the field of engineering. This will be helpful for the nation. It also develops prototype equipment, machines, etc. Thapathali Campus also conducts training programs, which are run at the request of industries or other organizations. The training may be both short-term and long-term.

Thapathali Campus provides engineering education for the science students who passed over the intermediate level. Both bachelor's and master's engineering programs are offered, which are affiliated with Tribhuwan University. Some of the programs offered are industrial, civil, mechanical, electronics and communication, architecture, and automobile. Thapathali Campus also provides diploma-level courses that are run for 3 years. SLC students can directly join these courses.

Thapathali Engineering campus won’t take the separate entrance exam. The institute of engineering takes an entry exam for almost all the colleges of engineering in Nepal, and according to their choices or priorities in subjects, students visit TU-affiliated colleges.

Scholarships at Thapathali Campus

In the context of scholarship in Thapathali Campus, there are two stream (regular and fulfil). For regular, it provides full scholarship and for fulfil, student should pay whole fees. It also provides scholarship for the semester top student, which is not fixed, but according to the condition.


Thapathali Campus provides many facilities like Hostel, Library, Laboratory and Sports etc. Hostel Services are provided for the students from remote villages. Campus has provided a scholarship facility for the students under basis of Entrance exam taken by IOE.

Additional Information

Admission Information:

SEE passed students can join the campus for Diploma courses at Thapathali Campus. +2 passed Students in science faculty can join for the Bachelor program in engineering. They needed to give exam which is conduct every year by this college. Those who pass this exam are only eligible for admission process. Thapathali campus provides intake for 240 students per year for bachelor program.

The various programs at Thapathali Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Join Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Thapathali Campus and get the opportunity to gain advanced training and professional guidance that will encourage you to excel in this field. If you want to know more about this course, then go through the given link.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Interested in building a successful career in Mechanical Engineering? Study Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Thapathali Campus and involve in various research activities, robotics, and other technologies. Know more about this course by visiting the given link.

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

Do you aspire to become a leader in the industrial engineering field? Study the advanced program, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering at Thapathali Campus and acquire the required skills and knowledge to make a good leader. Read more and gain all the required information on this course.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering