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Tri Chandra Campus

Contact Information

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Tri Chandra Campus, the oldest higher-level education institute in Nepal, was established during the Rana regime. The then-Rana prime minister Chandra Shamsher, Jung Bahadur Rana, established this in 1883, and it is located in Ghantaghar, Kathmandu. This is named after Chandra Shamsher. The establishment of Tri Chandra Campus was the stepping stone to development in the field of education. It was established to provide higher-level education to the Rana family and others nearer to them, but after the fall of the Rana era, it was opened to all the citizens. Following this, many other institutes were opened inside and outside of the valley. People had access to higher education, which marked the beginning of the expansion of higher education. During the time of its establishment, it was known to be affiliated with Patna University, and the graduates from here were in high demand.

Graduates used to get jobs at government offices easily with mouth-watering salaries. Teachers for Tri Chandra Campus were mostly brought from India and other countries during that time, but now Nepal has successfully produced the required manpower for this. This is now affiliated with Tribhuvan University (the first established university in Nepal). Being the oldest higher learning institute, the skilled manpower it has provided is notable, and the contribution given by it in the fields of political and social change and academic development is memorable. It is a renowned campus since its establishment inside the country and outside of its territory as well.

It offers courses in the science stream. Some of the courses offered at the bachelor's and master's levels are physics, chemistry, microbiology, and environmental science.

The major objectives of Tri Chandra Campus are:

  • To prepare capable human resources for the overall development of Nepal.
  • To standardize higher education in Nepal itself.
  • To protect and develop national culture and tradition.
  • To be involved in the creation of knowledge.

Principal Message

Present Principal of Tri Chandra Campus is Prof Dr. Hari Prasad Thapalia. The faculty member of here are highly educated and are ever ready to help students who are need of any educational assistance.

Additional Information

Some of the popular alumni of Tri Chandra Campus are:

  • Gagan Thapa (Youth Politician)
  • Narayan Gopal (singer Known as 'Swor Samrat')
  • Laxmi Prasad Devkota (singer Known as 'Maha Kavi')
  • Girija Prasad Koirala (Politician)
  • Kul Gautam (United Nation officer)
  • Ram Raj Pant (Linguistic of Nepali Language)
  • Nabindra Raj Joshi (Political leader)
  • Rshikesh Shah (Writer and Right activist)

Being the oldest and most popular college during its period it has provided many other notable personalities.

The various programs at TC are as follows:

Bachelor of Arts

Study Bachelor of Arts (BA) at Trichandra Campus and qualify yourself to adapt successfully in the dynamic and challenging environment. Also, build required skills and abilities to pursue a promising career in this field. In order to get more information on this course, go to the given link. 

MA Rural Development

Tri-Chandra Campus is one of the pioneer colleges in providing quality education on various courses and MA Rural Development is one of those. MA Rural Development is a program designed to qualify students with the extensive knowledge and provides rural development skills. Study this course and get the opportunity to involve in the development of various sectors.

BSc Physics

Are you motivated to study Bachelor of Science in Physics and explore the vast field of physics? Join Tri-Chandra Campus and get the benefits of studying in one of the oldest and renowned colleges of the country. Here, you can find more details about the course and the reasons to join Tri-Chandra Campus.

MA Psychology

Desire to build a successful career as a psychologist? Study Masters in Psychology at Tri-Chandra Campus and get an in-depth knowledge of the behaviors, reactions, and thoughts of the people to qualify as a professional. Read more about this program and the career opportunities in this field.

MSc Microbiology

Dream to become a successful microbiologist? Acquire a master degree in Microbiology from Tri-Chandra Campus and gather more practical knowledge through laboratory assignments and research activities. Here, you can learn more about this course and other general requirements for joining this college.

BSc Microbiology

MSc Chemistry

Tri-Chandra Campus has been actively providing the program of M.Sc. Biochemistry for a long time.Study this specialized course and become a professional in this field. Here, we have outlined the details of the course, so you can read more to get required information.

BSc Environmental Science

If you are interested in gathering an in-depth knowledge of the earth's environmental processes, perhaps leading to a reputed career in this field, a bachelor degree in environmental science would be the right choice for you. Browse and get more details of the course, joining requirements and career opportunities. 

BSc Geology

Earn a bachelor degree in geology from Tri-Chandra Campus and kick-start your career in this field. Here, we have prepared a detailed summarization regarding this course and other general requirements to join this college.

MA in Population Studies

MA Nepali

If you are among the people who want to learn explicitly about Nepali language and want to encourage the development of the mother-tongue language, then study Master of Arts in Nepali (M.A. Nepali) at Tri-Chandra Campus. Find more details about this course by visiting the given link.

Master of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

Find out why to study the course of M.A. Sociology and Anthropology at Trichandra Campus along with the general requirements for joining this program such as fee structure, eligibility criteria, admission process, entrance examination and other details.

Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Tri-Chandra Campus is one of the pioneer colleges in providing the course of Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology. Find out the benefits of studying this course at Tri-Chandra Campus and other general requirements to apply for this college.

BA Economics

BSc Zoology