Tribhuvan Adarsha Campus

The Tribhuvan Adarsha Campus is situated at Putalibazar, Syanja. The institute focuses on giving importance to its student in enhancing their skills and competence. It also organizes football and volleyball tournament for extracurricular activities. It has furnished classrooms with libraries. The environment of Tribhuvan Aadarsha Campus is very peaceful. It has been intending to run classes of Masters.

Why Tribhuvan Adarsha Campus

Tribhuvan Adarsha Campus is stationed at Putalibazar of Syanja district. It is located in a peaceful area. It gives priority in developing the skills of its students physically and mentally. It was established with the team of highly qualified, experienced and competent members. The institute has made a lot of changes from the time of its foundation. The Adarsha campus also provides scholarship to the students with excellent academics as well as financial aid to student with low income. The campus offers various courses.

The various programs at Tribhuvan Adarsha Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Are you thinking to become an inspirational business leader? Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) might be the right course to start your journey with. Gather the related information regarding different areas of business sector through BBS program. You can go through the overview prepared by the college for more details.

Bachelor of Education

Become a capable teacher and guide the students towards the effective learning practices. For this effort, study Bachelor of Education program at Tribhuvan Adarsha Campus. If you want to know about this college, get feedback from the college students as well.