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Tribhuvan Multiple Campus

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Tribhuvan Multiple Campus is in Tansen, Palpa. This is in a spread area of 250 acres of land with well-laid-out infrastructure and facilities for students. It runs bachelor- and master-level programs. This is the oldest campus after Trichandra and is affiliated with Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

Why TMC ?

Tribhuvan Multiple Campus stands out for these reasons:

  • Legacy of over five decades in teaching profession.
  • Multiple education programs with healthy students intakes per program.
  • Chosen by people from over 20 districts of Nepal.
  • Constituent Institution of Tribhuvan University the oldest and renowned University.
  • Quality education at affordable cost.


Tribhuvan Multiple Campus have these facilities:

  • Computer lab
  • Science lab
  • Geography lab
  • Library
  • classrooms with multimedia
  • internet
  • news bulletin and reference materials for students.

The various programs at TMC are as follows:

BSc General

Bachelor of Science (General) is four years program of Tribhuvan University at Tribhuvan Multiple Campus in Palpa. This program provides general science subjects, applied sciences, research work, interdisciplinary courses of science in theory and practical works for students. The curriculum has been revised in effect from 2073.

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Business Management is four years program from Faculty of Management Tribhuvan University at Tribhuvan Multiple Campus that provides knowledge of successful business management for all organizations in national and global scale and study of this program produces mid level managers in dynamic working conditions

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies is four years program of Tribhuvan University. This program helps to function as Manager and encourage entrepreneurial capabilities and become an effective change agents through informed actions and add value to organization teamwork.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration is four years Management program in graduate level of Tribhuvan University. It helps to take domestic positions in global business organizations to become competant and responsible managers in business sector 

Bachelor of Education

Tribhuvan Multiple Campus is running four years Bachelor of Education program from Faculty of Education Tribhuvan University. This program is intended to produce teaching manpower in the secondary education sector with knowledge of humanities, social sciences, and Management streams. The program have different areas of specializations.

MA English

Master of Arts in English is two years program that provides insights of language, literature, rhetoric and humanities and focus on writing, study of literary genres, interpretive and cultural theories, comparative studies of underlying features and courses running at Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, in Palpa. This course comes with research and thesis, internal continuous evaluation and final exams.

Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies program from Faculty of Management Tribhuvan University is running at Tribhuvan Multiple Campus. The study of the program enables to work as competant Managers with the requirements of conceptual knowledge and skills of Management, entrepreneurial capabilities and research skills as well. 

MA Economics

Tribhuvan Multiple Campus provides two years four semesters Master of Economics program of T.U. which provides all conceptual and research based knowlege of economics principles, micro and macro economics, national and international economics, with thesis work.

MEd Education Planning and Management

Master of Education in education planning and Management is a two years program at Tribhuvan Multiple Campus which provides knowledge to produce teachers who have knowledge and skills in different functional areas of education management, teaching, policy making for streamlining education, and useful to be able to work as system analyst, expert and administrators.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)