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Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is one of the renowned degrees one can hold. It comes under the faculty of Science. The B.Arch program of Tribhuvan University takes 5 years to complete and is designed as per semesters. Exams will be held in each semester (i.e. 10 times). The Bachelor of Architecture (TU) syllabus was updated last in 2066 B.S. Course contents can be viewed in website of IOE (Institute Of Engineering) or in websites of colleges providing it. One who wants to embrace his/her creativity, imagination, logic and hard work can join B.Arch affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

List of BE in Architecture Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for BE in Architecture program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of BE in Architecture

The objectives of Bachelor of Architecture degree of Tribhuvan University are listed below:

  • To allow students to express their strong desires in their work.
  • To produce imaginable, creative artists/ logicians who can blend their ideas and imagination to create arts, designs, and buildings.
  • To produce safe, sound, perfect places as well as environment where people can work securely.
  • To produce multitasking manpower who can solve engineering problems and invent new world.

Admission Requirements in BE in Architecture

One who wants to study B.Arch in Tribhuvan University must have completed his/her higher secondary school level (HSEB) board or intermediate level or diploma, compulsorily in science faculty and must have compulsorily passed Mathematics. Students securing at least 45% are only allowed to take B.Arch entrance test.

Important Information related to Entrance Exam Process of Bachelor of Architecture in Tribhuvan University:

  • The entrance exam is held by IOE.
  • The forms for the entrance test shall be downloaded from the website of IOE and the test is held before the publication of Grade 12 Science result of HSEB.
  • It generally falls during August every year and is held in Pulchowk Engineering College.
  • The entrance test will be from Math, English, Chemistry and Physics. 
  • The sample questions can be viewed in the site of IOE. 
  • The test is computer based. 
  • The total marks for IOE entrance exam is 140 and its duration is 2 hours.
  • International Students can also take this entrance test if they are willing to study B. Arch in TU.

Admission Process:

  • The result of entrance is generally published within 3-4 days and students can view their scores by logging into the entrance exam website.
  • At the time of admission, the hard copy of scores should be shown.
  • A different aptitude test is generally held by TU affiliated colleges (the one where you choose to study) in order to check students' intelligence level. That might also include the drawing test so as to estimate students' creativity.

BE in Architecture Syllabus

First Semester

  • SH 404: Engineering Mathematics I
  • CE 402: Applied Mechanics
  • AR 401: Basic Design I
  • AR 402: Introduction to Architecture
  • AR 403: Building Materials I
  • AR 404: Drafting I
  • AR 405: Free hand Sketching I

Second Semester

  • SH 454: Engineering Mathematics II
  • AR 451: Drafting II
  • AR 452: Basic Design II
  • AR 455: Free Hand Sketching II
  • AR 453: Arts and Graphics
  • AR 454: Building Construction I
  • CE 452: Basic Skill Workshop

Third Semester

  • AR 501: Design Studio III
  • AR 505: Design Theory I
  • AR 503: Building Materials II
  • AR 506: Building Science I
  • AR 504: Building Construction II
  • AR 502: History of Architecture I
  • CE 507: Structures I

Fourth Semester

  • AR 551: Design studio IV
  • AR 555: Design Theory II
  • AR 554: Building Construction III
  • AR 552: History of Architecture II
  • CE 557: Structure II
  • CE 558: Surveying

Fifth Semester

  • AR 601: Design Studio V
  • AR 603: Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • AR 605: Working Drawing
  • AR 604: Building Construction IV
  • AR 602: Contemporary Architecture
  • EE 604: Building Services Ii
  • CE 607: Building Services I

Sixth Semester

  • SH 652: Sociology
  • AR 651: Design Studio VI
  • AR 652: Urban & Settlement Planning
  • AR 654: Building Science II
  • CE 659: Estimating & Costing
  • CE 658: Specifications

Seventh Semester

  • AR701: Practicum

Eighth Semester

  • AR 752: Design Studio VII
  • ME 760: Building Services III
  • AR 751: Architectural Conservation
  • AR 753: Construction Management
  • AR 765: Elective I
  • CE 761: Structure IV
  • SH 754: Communications (English & Nepali)

Scope and Career Prospects

Architecture is a very high paying field too, because it’s not just limited to reading and writing. One gets many career chances because attractive buildings, restaurants, malls are being constructed day by day. The graduates can get jobs in:

  • Interior designing
  • Exterior designing
  • Archaeologist
  • Construction Managing
  • Urban Planning

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