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Bachelor of Business studies (BBS) is the four year degree program conducted by Tribhuvan University (TU), faculty of Management (FOM). It is an annual exam based program. The main objective of BBS is to develop students into dynamic managers having ability to handle responsibility in every sector. BBS course was designed by considering the fact that graduates will have to live in a very challenging and competitive environment. Therefore, through BBS course the students will have an opportunity to understand the knowledge of practical and reality based skills required to organize and manage the organizations of any form. The program will have specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy, and Management Science.

There is a large number of colleges throughout Nepal offering the BBS program. It is one of the highly studied courses in Nepal. Every year thousands of students get enrolled in BBS program. In Nepal, there are more than 465 academies that offer BBS program. 

List of Bachelor of Business Studies Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Business Studies program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Business Studies

The specific objectives of BBS program are as follows:

  • Endow students the conjectural knowledge of business and administration to develop the broad management perspective in students.
  • Bachelor of Business studies (BBS) develops students into competent and responsible managers by providing them the required skills, abilities and necessary attitude.
  • Make students the catalyst of change in Nepalese society by motivating them to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities.    
  • BBS creates a necessary and passionate environment for higher studies so that students involve themselves in teaching, research, consultancy, etc. after graduation.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Business Studies

The eligibility criteria for candidates applying for admission to the Bachelor of Business Studies or BBS program are as follows:

  • Students willing to apply for BBS program must have successfully completed the plus two (10+2) in business/ commerce or an equivalent course from HSEB (Higher Secondary School Board) or from Tribhuvan University (TU) or from any other University or Board recognized by TU.
  • In order to join BBS, students from other faculty like Science and Arts must have studied Mathematics or Economics as a full paper at the intermediate level (10+2) program.
  • Student must have studied full paper of English at the plus two level or equivalent program.
  • As prescribed by the Faculty Board or campus concerned, students must have secured the minimum marks at their intermediate level. Generally, there are no such tough criteria for getting enrolled in BBS program especially in Government Colleges.
  • Students should fulfill all criteria as required by the entry college.
  • Some colleges even take entrance exam and the students are chosen according to merit basis.

Minimum General Requirements for Bachelor of Business studies:

The minimum requirements for BBS 4 years are as follows:

  • Excluding days taken for admission and examination, an academic year consists of 150 teaching days.
  • The total instructional hours in an academic year will be 615 hours and additional hours may be required for field and practical works.
  • A paper of 100 marks will have 150 lectures each of 50 minutes.
  • There will be a minimum of 5 periods in each teaching day.

Fee Structure:

When it comes to fee structure, the government colleges are offering BBS program at very low cost. However, fee structure of Bachelor of Business studies or BBS is quite high in private colleges of Kathmandu. One can get knowledge of government institution in the respective college. And the cost of studying BBS in private institution of Kathmandu valley ranges from NRs. 200,000 to NRs. 400,000. It will be wise on the part of students to contact the colleges or visit their official website for it.

Below is the detailed TU Bachelor of Business Studies Syllabus.

1st Year

Below is the detailed TU Bachelor of Business Studies Syllabus.

2nd Year

Below is the detailed TU Bachelor of Business Studies Syllabus.

3rd Year

Below is the detailed TU Bachelor of Business Studies Syllabus.

4th Year

Scope and Career Prospects

The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program has been converted into four years program from 3 years program. Because of this, it has become the choice of students who want to pursue management comparatively in cheaper price. The academic cost of BBS compared to other management courses is less. However, when it comes to job and career, BBS program has as much possibilities and scope as compared to other subjects in management. From banking to corporate house, factories to account, everywhere there is a need of BBS graduates. They can work in sales and marketing. Since the academic program was designed for four years, it has now become easy for students to go abroad for further study. Further, teaching and training are also good fields for BBS graduates. Moreover, it becomes complementary for graduates to get enrolled in higher studies through Bachelor of Business studies (BBS).

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